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IU Northwest Hip-Hop Summit: A unique culture with deep roots

Hip-hop is a culture that has its roots in pride, truth, courage and self-determination. It is the heartbeat of American urban youth who claimed their own self-expression and used it to rise above their physical circumstances. As a result it has grown to influence almost every segment of the planet. Developed in the early '70s in New York City, the term is loosely used when referring to commercialized rap music, however hip-hop is more than just music. Other elements of Hip-Hop include graffiti and break dance which can be traced back late sixties. While rap transcends from the spoken word poetry scene of the sixties, many suggest its origins go even further back to ancient African societies who boasted griots, women and men who were walking vessels of their people's history and related the various stories and histories through spoken word.

To celebrate this unique culture, IU Northwest is pleased to participate in the ongoing nation-wide discussion of "Hip-Hop" as a movement and culture by hosting the First Annual IU Northwest Hip-Hop Summit, Wed., Mar. 1 from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. in the Savannah Center Auditorium, IU Northwest, Gary, Ind. This year’s theme is “Hip-Hop” Culture: Beyond the 'Beats' and more than just Music”. This event is free and open to the public and refreshments will be served.

The summit will feature a wide variety of performances and speeches that have something for everyone. Some of the scheduled presentations include: "Hip-Hop" comedy by Garrick David, a well-known comedian from Detroit; "My Life and my Hip-Hop Culture in the first -person", a candid discussion of the personal life struggles and later successes of speaker and artist Jonothan Romain; a panel discussion regarding various issues of "Hip-Hop" culture featuring IU Northwest students and community members; and dance and musical performances by various artists.

The Hip-Hop Summit is being sponsored by the Department of Minority Studies, the Black Student Union, ALMA (Latino Student Organization), the Office of Diversity and Equity, the Diversity Programming Group, Professor Scooter Pegram and Professor Regina Jones. For questions or more information on this event contact Dr. Scooter Pegram, assistant professor of French and minority studies at (219) 980-6532 or e-mail



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