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IU Northwest Centers announce new Non-Profit Institute

IU Northwest Centers for Cultural Discovery and Learning and Sustainable Regional Vitality are pleased to announce the creation of the new Non-Profit Institute at Indiana University Northwest in partnership with the Lake Area United Way (LAUW), GRANTS, Inc. and the Northwest Indiana Quality of Life Council. The institute was formed with funding from a 3-year LAUW grant of $150,000, in response to key 2004 and 2005 reports from these agencies that indicated the need for education and training support for non-profits and their constituents.

The institute offers a university-based setting for research and public service support, along with targeted education and training, support for grantsmanship and organizational development, and development of new means for non-profit sustainability including information about funding resources. While there are many non-profit organizations in Lake County, there have been insufficient resources, both physical and monetary, which would enable these organizations to effectively and efficiently educate and train their audiences, as well as form networks of cooperative relationships.

“The Non-Profit Institute helps fulfill the goals of the 2004 State of Giving Report while allowing us to work towards Center’s mission based on 12 quality of life dimensions that are closely aligned with LAUW goals and those of the Northwest Indiana Quality of Life Council. Through these partnerships we will be able to identify and establish ways in which we can best utilize the enormous wealth of talent and resources that IU Northwest has to offer,” said Patricia Lundberg, Ph.D., project director of the Non-Profit Institute LAUW grant at Indiana University Northwest and the executive director of the Centers for Cultural Discovery and Learning and Sustainable Regional Vitality.

Both the Non-Profit Institute and GRANTS, Inc. are now located in the IU Northwest Library Conference Center. The location of the Institute in the library is especially vital to the role they now serve. This location will allow non-profits, businesses and individuals who work with the Institute to have access to a database that builds on resources of the Data and Analysis Center, which provides demographic, census, and projection-type information that is often used for grantseeking projects; the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Forum Regional Office, which provides electronic maps relating to Lake County and the northwest Indiana region; and the Library itself, which is equipped with meeting spaces, computer labs, IT and phone jacks, and provides access to thousands of paper and electronic education materials.

For more information about the Non-Profit Institute at Indiana University Northwest, please contact Tashena Lollis, program assistant, at 219-981-5629 or email; for Grants Inc support at IU, please contact Susan Eleuterio, Executive Director, Grants Inc, 219-981-5673, email




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Tashena Lollis
Non-Profit Institute

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