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Patrol cars now carry gifts with life saving possibilities

Every year, sudden cardiac arrest claims the lives of nearly 250,000 people. Survival rates for cardiac arrest victims are less than 2% when defibrillation is delayed ten minutes or more. To keep campus police prepared in case of such an emergency, the Indiana University Foundation has generously donated Automated External Defibrillators (AED) for squad cars on the IU Northwest campus.

ďOur goal is to protect the lives of our faculty, staff, students and visitors,Ē said Kathryn Manteuffel, Manager of Environmental Health & Safety. ďHaving the AEDís, on-site and mobile, increases access to early defibrillation and helps us save lives.ď

Unlike models of defibrillators used by health care professionals, AEDís donít require expert training. The units are programmed to analyze the heartís electrical rhythms for abnormal activity, which enables ordinary people to administer treatment if necessary. Voice prompts instruct the user to attach the electrodes and then stay clear while the device automatically analyzes the patientís heart. If needed, the user is prompted to stay clear while the machine delivers the lifesaving defibrillator shock.

A training session that covers both the use of the AEDís and CPR is all that is required to learn how to use the machines. All IU Northwest police officers and cadets have already been trained and are ready to use the defibrillators if necessary.

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