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Tennessee Williams’ ‘The Glass Menagerie’ Takes the Stage

Theatre Northwest at Indiana University Northwest will present its final performances of one of the most famous plays in American modern theater, Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie, October 21 and 22 at 7:30 p.m. and October 23 at 2:30 p.m. Performing Arts Chairperson and Associate Professor Julie Jackson directs a cast of students in the classic Tennessee Williams drama. Opening performances were held Oct. 14-16, along with a special performance and workshop for high school students on Oct. 20.

The Glass Menagerie won the Best Play of the Year by the New York Drama Critic’s Circle in its debut year, 1945, and has become a classic. It is a hauntingly beautiful and charming tale presented as a “memory play,” or flashback. Tom Wingfield recalls his life in St. Louis with his mother Amanda, a faded and tragic remnant of Southern gentility who lives in a world of illusion, and his sister Laura, shy, fragile and crippled who lives in her own world of illusion with her collection of glass figurines.

The Glass Menagerie, a drama of great charm and tenderness, is a timeless and spellbinding memory play which evokes the ghost of love. Hailed as one of Williams’ masterpieces, the play is based on his own family relationships while growing up.

Tom (played by Charlie Scanlon; Lake Station, Ind.) is the narrator of the play, caught between his love for his sister, Laura (Jennifer McMullin; Crown Point, Ind.) and his need to escape from the oppressive apartment they share with their mother, Amanda (Anne Sharp; Chesterton, Ind.). Laura is as delicate and fragile as her collection of glass animals, which gives the play its name. Her shyness has led her to isolate herself from the outside world. She prefers to stay home, play her phonograph records, and polish her bits of glass. Amanda worries about Laura’s future; "What kind of life is that for a girl to lead?" Taking matters into her own hands, Amanda arranges for Tom to bring home "a nice young man from the warehouse" for Laura "to meet, get acquainted." The arrival of this young gentleman caller, Jim O’Connor (Jacob Jeffrey; Chesterton, Ind.) throws the apartment into an uproar as Amanda scrambles to get everything ready in time. Just as Amanda hoped, the "gentleman caller" turns out to be the catalyst for great changes within the Wingfield family, however, those changes are not what she expected or hoped.

Tickets for the play are $7 and may be purchased by calling the Theatre Northwest Ticket Office at (219) 980-6808. To make online reservations visit

Cast List:

Amanda - Anne Sharp; Chesterton, Ind.

Tom – Charlie Scanlon; Lake Station, Ind.

Laura – Jennifer McMullin; Crown Point, Ind.

Gentleman Caller – Jacob Jeffrey; Chesterton, Ind.

Now in its 44th season, Theatre Northwest began with a troupe of five local actors that appeared in the comedy, "Bell, Book and Candle". Their effort launched locally produced plays that would eventually evolve into a Bachelor of Arts degree at program at IU Northwest in 1974. Since that time, Theatre Northwest's entire season has been produced exclusively by campus students and faculty with an open-casting policy offered to the community.

Throughout the years, Theatre Northwest has evolved into a theatre that offers professionally mounted productions compatible with the university setting. Since 1974, the first year of the degree program, Theatre Northwest's entire season has been produced exclusively by the IU Northwest students and faculty.

Theatre Northwest is situated on the campus of Indiana University Northwest in Tamarack Hall and is conveniently located one block South of the Broadway Exit of I-80/94 (Borman Expressway). Ample free parking is available.



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