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IU Northwest honors mid-year graduates

On Monday, Dec. 6 students and their families participated in the annual December Graduation Reception. This reception recognized the achievements of students who completed their degrees mid-year. Representatives were on hand at the reception to help students purchase commencement caps and gowns for the official graduation ceremony held in May.

A short presentation by the dean of each of the eight schools remarked on the achievements of their students. The evening concluded with remarks from Chuck Hughes, vice president of the IU Northwest Alumni Association and Chancellor Bruce Bergland.

The following mid-year graduates were recognized:

Kim Morris-Newson, M.S. in Education.

Cedar Lake
Derek Nathaniel Lusk, A.S. in Criminal Justice; Robert McRae, M.S. in Education; Hannah Marie Petyko, A.S. in Criminal Justice; Linda Simnick, B.S. in Mathematics, B.S. in Education.

Christina Conrad, M.S. in Education; Lori Graham, B.S. in Education; Kevin James Rospierski, A.S. in Criminal Justice; Gina Stenanovich, B.A. in Theatre/Psychology.

Chicago, IL
Ericka Lynn Mercer, B.S. in Criminal Justice; Stacey Renee Sawin, B.S. in Business Administration.

Crown Point
Frederick Jeffrey Chariton, Jr., B.S. in Accounting; Lewis Todd Cliborne, B.S. in Criminal Justice; Erwin DeWitt, B.S. in Labor Studies; Michael Anthony Equihua, B.S. in Criminal Justice; Mandie Leigh Howard, A.S. in Medical Laboratory Technology; Bradley Craig Johnson, A.S. in Radiography; Ronald Joseforsky, B.S. in Computer Information Systems; Dragana Jovic, B.A. in Communications; Jacqulyn M. Kllippner-Dooley, B.S. in Health Services Management; Lisa Marie Knopf, A.S. in Criminal Justice; Nicholas Medrano, A.S. in Criminal Justice; Adrienne Nicole Vraniskoski, B.S. in Criminal Justice; Brooke Marie Wagner, B.A. in General Studies; Filip Zerdevski, B.S. in Computer Information Systems.

Sharon Marich, B.S. in Eduation; Lisa Pajkos, M.S. in Education; Rachael Marie Woods, B.S. in Public Affairs.

George Ambroz, A.S. in Radiography; Laura Jean Budzik, B.A. in Communications; Jill Ann Hoffman, A.S. in Radiography; Laura Lopez, B.A. in Organizational Communication; Angela Marie Martinez, B.S. in Business Administration; Neeley Sarkey, B.S. in Education; William Vincent Taylor III, B.S. in Business Administration.

East Chicago
Karen Gillis, M.S. in Education; Marcia Evette Lias, B.S. in Business Administration; Ikela Taneen Marion, B.S. in Health Services Administration; William Dwone Reed, B.S. in Criminal Justice; Celinette Rivera, B.S. in Business Administration; Danielle Sanders, B.S. in Health Services Administration; Aaron Paul Smith, B.A. in General Studies.

Austin Andre, Certificate in Computer Information Systems; Cassaundra Yvette Armour, B.S. in Health Services Administration; Melissa Ann Black, A.S. in Respiratory Therapy; Geoffrey L. Bradley-Bey, A.S. in General Studies; Linda Marie Burtley, B.S. in Health Services Administration; Ann G. Canonge, Certificate in Coding; Leslie Holmes Clarett, B.A. in General Studies; Kelli Marie Colquitt, A.S. in Respiratory Therapy; Erica Nicole Cooper, B.S. in Criminal Justice; Tracy Cooper, B.A. in General Studies; Takisha Lynn Davis, A.A. in General Studies; Diana Fillmore, A.S. in Public Affairs; Shirley Fisher, M.S. in Education; Celia Elena Ginorio, Certificate in Coding; LaToya Greenwood, B.S. in Education; Edwina Gregory, Certificate in Coding; Vanessa R. Hardy, A.A. in General Studies; Dameca Harrison, M.S. in Education; Carrie M. Hendrickson, B.S. in Financial Information Systems; Teresa Renea Hines, A.S. in Business; Sandra Kate Huff, A.A. in General Studies; Tammy Verdell Jelks, A.A. in General Studies; Angela Johnson, M.S. in Education; Tiffani Hope Johnson, B.A. in General Studies; Shavon Danette King, B.S. in Public Affairs; Barbara Jayette Knabenhans, A.A. in General Studies; Darlene Love, A.S. in Criminal Justice; Blossom B. Mabon, A.A. in General Studies; Frankie Mabon-Harris, A.A. in General Studies; Michelle McGill, M.S. in Education; Ryan N. Morgan, B.A. in General Studies; Denise R. Neal, A.A. in General Studies; Jermel L. Nelson, B.S. in Business Administration; Annette Elaine Peterson, B.A. in General Studies; Jennifer Denise Petty, B.S. in Health Services Administration; Sharon Anita Robinson, A.A. in General Studies; Ovidio Saenz III, B.S. in Business Administration; Denine C. Scott, B.A. in General Studies; Ola Belinda Smith, A.S. in Labor Studies; Shelomi Bethel Tennione, A.A. in General Studies; Kenya Thomas, B.S. in Education; Geraldine Thurman, Certificate in Coding; Tiffany Renee Ward, A.S. in Criminal Justice; Glenda Dale-Roby Whickem; B.A. in General Studies; Alaina Renae Williams, B.A. in General Studies; Shawn M. Williams, B.A. in General Studies; Michelle Wilson, B.A. in Afro-American Studies/Communication.

Charlene Becze, B.S. in Nursing; David Christopher Garcia, B.S. in Business; Lori Ann Jacobs, Certificate in Medical Transcription; Alexis Nelson, Master of Social Work; Patricia Schroader, B.A. in English; Joseph Michael Soltis, B.S. in Business; Joseph Edward Surdy, B.S. in Business Administration; Jamie Sutton, B.S. in Education.

Marlynn Burns, B.S. in Nursing; Rodney Cook, B.A. in General Studies; Anita D. Fierro, Certificate in Computer Science; Maria L. Mota, A.S. in Respiratory Therapy; Christina Maria Sanchez, A.S. in Criminal Justice; Diane Stinson, M.S. in Business Administration; Jacqueline A. Wallis, Certificate in Coding.

January Jung, B.S. in Education; Eric Paul Morrone, A.S. in Business; John Patrick O’Connor, B.S. in Criminal Justice.

Rigoberto Montoya, A.S. in Criminal Justice; Nicole Daniela Ruiz, B.S. in Business Administration; Sarah Scubelek, B.A. in Psychology; Lindsey Marie Urbanek, B.S. in Public Affairs.

Margaret Allen, B.S. in Computer Information Systems; Kelly Elizabeth Archer, B.S. in Criminal Justice; Sherron Edwin Blacks, B.S. in Financial Information Systems; Joseph Bysiek, B.S. in Education; Audrey Rose Castaneda, A.S. in Business; Angie Cleveland, Master of Social Work; Annette Kathleen Cudney, A.S. in Public Affairs; Jasmine R. Frazier, B.A. in General Studies; Rachel Elizabeth Holland, A.S. in Business; Patricia Johnston, B.S. in Education; Crystal Kasper, B.S. in Biology; Robert Patrick Lamprecht, B.A. in General Studies; Sarah Laurinas, B.S. in Nursing; May Lee, M.S. in Education; Jill MacDonald, M.S. in Education; Jason Efrain Perez, A.S. in Criminal Justice; Ginger Smurdon, B.S. in Education; Gregory Arlen West, B.S. in Labor Studies.

Lake Station
Jennifer De Paula, B.S. in Education; Elizabeth A. Diaz, Certificate in Coding; Christine O. Redar, A.S. in Business.

Lansing, IL
Crystal Lynn Jelks, B.S. in Health Services Administration.

Jamie Johnson, B.S. in Nursing; Megan Kathleen Phillips, A.S. in Radiography.

Laramie, WY
Breinne Bunge Sheehy, B.S. in Public Affairs.

Long Beach
Richard J. Remijas III, B.A. in General Studies.

Erin Langmaid, B.S. in Education; Shannon Joy Summers, A.S. in Criminal Justice; Jeanne Zieseniss, B.A. in English.

Rodger W. Smith, B.A. in General Studies.

LaToya Shonte Byrd, A.S. in Respiratory Therapy, Katie Ann Conerly, A.S. in Respiratory Therapy; Cheryl Lynn Corley-Sesson, Certificate in Coding; Sandra Louise Hutson, A.S. in Criminal Justice; Kelly Renay Johnson, B.S. in Business Administration; Amanda Marie Koslovsky, A.S. in Radiography; Laura L. Lair, B.S. in Business Administration; Megan Manoski, B.S. in Education; Kristin Denise McMiller, Certificate in Coding; Sarah Marie Milisavljevich, B.S. in Business Administration; Lafonda Morris, M.S. in Education; Ursula Neal, B.S. in Nursing; Shelita JoAnn Reese-Williams, B.S. in Criminal Justice; Taria Selmon, B.S. in Education; Dorothy Williams White, B.A. in General Studies.

Michigan City
Megan Kathryn Allen, A.S. in Criminal Justice; Cie Ana Gomez, M.S. in Education; JoAnn Lynn Koepke, A.S. in Respiratory Therapy; Daniel B. Merrion, B.A. in General Studies.

Jonathan Banaszak, A.A. in Anthropology; Lauren Margaret Conti, B.S. in Criminal Justice; Barbara J. Covington, Certificate in Coding; Donald Powers Fesko, Master of Business Administration; Jacob Kenneth Schoon, B.S. in Criminal Justice; Raymond J. Schweitzer, Master of Public Affairs; David F. Shafer, Master of Public Affairs.

Catherine M. Burton, B.S. in Criminal Justice; Migdalia Gonzalez Cochran, A.A. in General Studies; Rigoberto Carolos Garcia, B.S. in Business Administration; Mary Nolan, B.A. in English; Angelica Nunez, B.S. in Education; Daniel Thomas Prendergast, B.S. in Financial Information Systems; Colette Rippel, B.S. in Education; Kevin D. Tavernier, B.S. in Public Affairs; Michael C. Tilford, A.S. in Business; Laura Vasquez, B.A. in Spanish; Kathi Wellington, B.S. in Labor Studies.

Saint John
Lisa Ellen Gray, B.S. in Accounting; Diane Samardzija, B.S. in Education; Yolanda Solis, B.A. in Spanish; Katie Lynn Turner, A.A. in General Studies.

Michael Dubrick, B.S. in Computer Information Systems; Kristen L. Grzych, B.S. in Public Affairs; Jennifer Schreiber, B.S. in Education; Juliana A. Wayner, Certificate in Coding.

Nicholas Bachman, B.S. in Biology; Jessica Lee Bell, A.S. in Radiography; Johny Robert Dale Ray Blake, B.S. in Health Services Administration; Andrew James Byrom, B.A. in General Studies; Rhonda K. Darnell, A.S. in Criminal Justice; Kristy Lee Ehrhardt, Master of Public Affairs; Harold Robert Fuller, B.S. in Labor Studies; John D. Hancock, Jr., A.A. in General Studies; Joshua Hattabaugh, B.S. in Education; Phillip Hensley, B.S. in Actuarial Science; Josephine Diana Jent, B.S. in Labor Studies; Karen Jones, B.A. in Psychology; Kimberly Kasl, M.S. in Education; Piedad Kerr, B.S. in Education; Mikell Anne Kidwell, A.S. in Criminal Justice; Shirley E. Luna, A.A. in General Studies; Wanda L. Manns-Minder, B.A. in General Studies; Helen Mundell, M.S. in Education; Julie Needler, M.S. in Education; Rebecca Pope, B.S. in Education; Jill Redmon, M.S. in Education; Jennifer L. Siwinski, B.S. in Health Services Administration; Shana M. Vasquez, B.A. in General Studies; Cynthia D. Wardrip, Certificate in Coding.

Charlene Ann Zbuka-Cuff, B.A. in General Studies.

Carrie Franklin, B.S. in Education; Tiffany Novotny, A.S. in Dental Hygiene.

Williamsville, NY
Stephen P. Sosnowski, B.S. in Business Administration.



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