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IUN professor presents sickle cell awareness research

One in every 10 African-American person carries the sickle cell trait and 1 in 400 African-Americans has active sickle cell disease. Despite the overwhelming spread of this inherited disease, there is little awareness among the general population. And awareness has been proven to help in the fight against disease, as seen in other major issues like AIDS, cancer, Alzheimer’s and cerebral palsy.

That is why Associate Professor of Marketing Subir Bandyopadhyay, Ph.D., has lead a team of researchers in investigating different methods of communication for creating awareness and for fundraising through cause related advertising, identifying the most effective cause related advertising campaign specifically for raising awareness about sickle cell anemia. The current research project titled, "Sickle Cell Anemia: How to Develop an Effective Marketing Communication Strategy," will discuss these objectives and more on Wednesday, Nov. 3 at 5 p.m. at the Gallery for Contemporary Art in the Savannah Center.

"According to the concept of hierarchy of effects, awareness leads to a positive opinion or attitude towards the cause which, in turn, influences individuals to act. Individuals can act in a number of ways: they may donate money, they may influence others (including the government and other organizations) to support the cause or they may donate time (i.e., volunteer)," said Bandyopadhyay.

This free lecture, open to the public, is sponsored by the Diversity Programming Group, which is a part of the Center for Cultural Discovery and Learning. For more information, please call CCDL at (219) 980-6978.



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