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Women’s History Month alive at IU Northwest

“Celebrating Women” is this year’s theme for the many Women’s History Month events at Indiana University Northwest. Beginning in February, the line up includes inspirational performances by two leading dramatists as well as a day-long conference honoring students.

This year’s events include:

Tuesday, Feb. 24

Women's History Month Celebration

Join us for lunch in the Savannah Center Gallery from 1 – 2:30 p.m. to watch a performance by Momma Kemba (Anita Johnson-Webb). RSVP required for lunch, call 980-6680.

Monday, March 1

Monday Movie Series Feature: The Scent of Green Papaya (Viet Nam, France, 1993)

1 p.m., Hawthorn Hall, room 332

7 p.m. Hawthorn Hall, room 400

Dir., Anh Hung Tran; w. Tran Nu Yen Khe & Lu Man San. A young woman grows up in the Viet Nam of the colonial and war-ravaged years: visually stunning (and you'll meet green papaya salad).

Wednesday, March 10

Celebrating Our Students

10 a.m. – 3 p.m., Library Conference Center

Undergraduate student research and creativity conference. Lunch at Noon with keynote speaker Peggy Seeger, “A Feminist View of Anglo-American Folk Traditions.” Ms. Seeger will host an informal discussion in afternoon, time to be announced.

Monday, March 22

Monday Movie Series Feature: The Blue Kite (China, 1993)

1 p.m., Hawthorn Hall, room 332

7 p.m. Hawthorn Hall, room 400

Dir., Zhuanghuang Tian; w. Yi Tian & Zhang Wanyao. A widowed mother raises her son in China during the harrowing years of the Cultural Revolution.

Wednesday, March 27

Swingshift College 10th Anniversary

Sponsored by Division of Labor Studies

Conference by registration with two public events:

bell hooks, "Building Learning Communities in the Classroom"

10:15 a.m., Savannah Center Auditorium

Theatre Performance, "Women of Steel" Illinois Women's History Project

6 p.m., Savannah Center Auditorium

Monday, April 5

Monday Movie Series Feature: The Hidden Half (Iran, 2001)

1 p.m., Hawthorn Hall, room 332

7 p.m. Hawthorn Hall, room 400

Dir., Tahmineh Milani; w. Niki Karimi, Mohammad Nikbin & Atila Pesiana. Milani was arrested for "waging war against God" for making this film about trying to be a strong, independent woman in Iran.

Monday, April 19

Monday Movie Series Feature: Rabbit-Proof Fence

(Australia, 2002)

1 p.m., Hawthorn Hall, room 332

7 p.m. Hawthorn Hall, room 400

Dir. Phillip Noyce; w. Everlyn Sampi, Tianna Sansbury, Laura Monaghan, & Keneth Branagh. Based on an actual 1930s story, this is the astonishing odyssey of two aboriginal girls who escape their colonial British "educators."

All celebrations are free and open to the public! All events are sponsored in part by the Center for Cultural Discovery and Learning Diversity Programming Group and the Women’s Studies Program at IU Northwest. For more information on any of these events, please call (219) 980-6680.



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