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IU Northwest recognizes mid-year graduates

Hundreds participated in the annual December Graduation Reception on Thursday, Dec. 18, which recognized the achievements of more than 350 students who completed their degrees mid-year. A short presentation by the dean of each of the eight schools remarked on the achievements of their students. The evening was followed by closing remarks from Viktoria Voller, president of the IU Northwest Alumni Association and Chancellor Bruce Bergland.

The following graduates were recognized:


Amanda Suzanne O’Hare, Bachelor of General Studies.

Cedar Lake

Amanda Jo Early, B. S. in Education; Jill Marie Easto, Certificate in Coding Technology.


Amy L. Bradley, B.S. in Business; Robert A. Curler, Master of Business Administration; Matthew Eric Johnson, B.S. in Business; Martha Kearney, M.S. in Education; Nate K. Orsburn, Certificate in Enviromental Affairs; Pamela Lynn Strickland, Bachelor of General Studies.

Chicago, IL

John Andrew Massie, Master of Public Affairs.

Crown Point

Heather Lauren Bagan, Bachelor of General Studies; Brett W. Crutchfield, B.S. in Education; Tina Wiegand Drlich, B.S. in Education; Lauren Louise Fralinger, B.S. in Education; Marie Lynn Grosskurth, B.S. in Criminal Justice; Donna Lynn Kerlin, Certificate in Coding Technology; Elizabeth Susan Lodovisi, Bachelor of General Studies; Bernardo Madrinan, Bachelor of General Studies; Linda Estelle Morfin, A.S. in Health Information Technology; Thomas E. Nelson, B.S. in Chemistry; Alberta D. Rainey, Certificate in Medical Transcription; Laura Ann Rivera, B.S. in Health Services Management; Nikkole Elizabeth Robertson, Master of Public Affairs; Michael F. Rosenwinkel, Bachelor of Arts; Timothy R. Ross, B.S. in Criminal Justice; Susan E. Smurdon, Bachelor of General Studies; Joseph Gerald Starkey, B.S. in Public Affairs.


Eileen Marie Gurevitz, Bachelor of Arts; Andrew Paul Herz, B.S. in Business; Russell Matthew Rigby, Bachelor of Arts; Johnny Roldan, A.S. in Criminal Justice; Valerie M. Lee, B.S. in Education.


Christine Ann Canty, B.S. in Business; Hadrian A. Charmin, B.S. in Public Affairs; Louise Marie Fuss, Certificate in Coding Technology; Aleksandar S. Marinkovic, B.S. in Business; Stacey Renee Sawin, B.S. in Business; Stanley Edward Swida, Bachelor of General Studies; Kristin Marie Vadas, B.S. in Computer Information Systems.

East Chicago

Ana Maria Cisneros, A.S. in Respiratory Therapy; Medria Fulgiam, Associate of Arts in General Studies; Roosevelt Stewart, Certificate in General Studies; Lekeisha Nicole Zellers, Bachelor of General Studies.

Fort Worth, TX

Lamont T. Patterson, B.S. in Criminal Justice.


Ranelle Janear Allen, Bachelor of Arts; Sharon Kaye Batiste, A.A. in General Studies; Chiquita Marie Bratton, A.S. in Business; Lisa J. Brown, Certificate in Medical Transcription; Leslie Holmes Clarett, B.A. of General Studies; Chenise Yvette Clark, B.S. in Business; Sherif A. Cobb, B.A. of General Studies; Saroya J. Cohen, Master of Business Administration; Robert R. Coleman, B.S. in Criminal Justice; Kimberly K. Collins, Master of Public Affairs; Tracy Cooper, B.A. of General Studies, Stephen Clarence Currie; B.A. of General Studies; Shavonne R. Dorsey, Certificate in Public Management; April Y. Gatlin, B.S. in Education; Annette Lakesha Gibson, Bachelor of Arts; Tyran T. Golston, Bachelor of Arts; Diane Mc Gee Gordon; M.S. in Education; Clara Nell Guider, Associate of Arts; John W. Gunn, Associate of Arts; Denise Michelle Hall, A.S. in Respiratory Therapy; Aaron Harris, M.S. in Education; Davetta M. Haywood, A.A. in General Studies: Marlene Heard. Certificate in Coding Technology; Chantelle Henderson. Bachelor of Arts; Leketia Yevette Holliday, A.S. In Respiratory Therapy; Sandra Kate Huff, Certificate in General Studies; Sophia S. Hughes, M.S. in Education; Aaronda C. Ivery, Bachelor of Arts; Glenda C. Jackson, A.S. in Labor Studies; Tammy Verdell Jelks, A.A. in General Studies; Shavon D. King, B.S. in Public Affairs; Chrystal L. Lewis, Bachelor of General Studies; Juanita L. Lewis, A.S. in Respiratory Therapy; Michael J. Mallett, Certificate in Public Management; Kristin Danielle Mohn, A.S. in Criminal Justice; Ryan N. Morgan, Bachelor of General Studies; Tinisha Renee Morris, B.S. in Education; Jennifer Denise Penick, B.S. in Business; Kismet S. Perkins, A.S. in Criminal Justice; Sandra Lorine Perry, Certificate in Public Management; Annette Elaine Peterson, Bachelor of General Studies; James E. Peterson, Bachelor of General Studies; Cynovah Shante Roberts, Bachelor of General Studies; Timothy M. Ross, A.A. in General Studies; Rheagene Levon Sahm, Bachelor of General Studies; Denine C. Scott, Bachelor of General Studies; Emmitt Cortez Short, Master of Public Affairs; Natasha N. Sumbry, Bachelor of Arts; Corey A. Taylor, A.S. in Criminal Justice; Lillie Owens Taylor, A.S. in Labor Studies; Simone Nadyne Thomas, A.A. in General Studies; Jason Eric Tolliver, B.S. in Criminal Justice; Karen Kristine Tomko, B.S. in Education; Latanya Marie Turner, B.S. in Criminal Justice; Christopher Vullmahn, Bachelor of General Studies; Onesimus D. Warner, Bachelor of Arts; Virdie Vanessa Watts, A.S. in Criminal Justice; Angela Sherese Whitfield, A.A. in General Studies; Rosetta Williams, A.A. in General Studies; Lisa J. Wilson, A.S. in Criminal Justice.


Nicole M. Nevelle, A.S. in Respiratory Therapy.


Michael C. Anderson, Master of Public Affairs; Sharon Denise Barney, Certificate in Coding Technology; Christina Cima De Villa, B.S. in Criminal Justice; Kathyleen Tina Dixon, Certificate in Nonprofit Management; Lori Ann Jacobs, Certificate in Medical Transcription; Natalie J. Robinson, Bachelor of Arts; Donna Dunne Valle, Master of Public Affairs.


Sandra Avila, B.S. in Business; Adam Robert Clark, B.S. in Criminal Justice; Michelle C. Kaim, Associate of Arts; Judith T. Melgoza, Bachelor of Arts; Robert M. Ortega, B.S. in Criminal Justice; Wendy F. Pack, Master of Social Work; Marisa Delilah Pierson, Bachelor of Arts; Dean Earl Wilson, B.S. in Computer Information Systems.


Carmen B. Pearman-Arlt, Bachelor of Arts.


Julie D. Bell, B.S. in Health Services Management; Rachel Elisabeth Carr, B.S. in Business; Samantha R. Klemz, Bachelor of Arts.


Brian J. Campos, B.S. in Criminal Justice; Brandi N. Cowgill, B.S. in Criminal Justice; Ann Paula Hubbard, Associate of Arts; Jillian Kay Jones, Associate of Arts; April Kathleen Lundy, A.S. in Respiratory Therapy; Rebecca Lee Moore, B.S. in Education; Michelle L. O’Day, B.S. in Business; Kathryn E. Swiatkowski, Certificate in Coding Technology; Steven Wagner, Certificate in Labor Studies.


Nicole Jean Bencze, B.S. in Business; Cristina Bernal, Bachelor of General Studies; Iris Leesa, B.S. in Public Affairs; Karen Elizabeth Collins, Bachelor of Arts; Julie Ann Kleine, Bachelor of Arts; Bryan Michael Krause, B.S. in Computer Information Systems; Justin John Neace, A.S. in Criminal Justice; Janet Lorraine Riley, Associate of Arts in General Studies; Michelle Marie Schlosser, Bachelor of Arts; Christina Jeanette Taggart, Associate of Arts; Christina Jeanette Torchia-Smith, Associate of Arts; Courtney Marie Torchia-Smith, Bachelor of Arts; Carolie Jean Wallace, M.S. in Education; Kimberly K. Williams, Associate of Arts in General Studies.


Norman Robert Garwood, B.S. in Labor Studies; Julie Ann Miller, Master of Public Affairs; Kathy Caldwell, B.S. in Business.

Lake Station

Kelly A. Sonntag, Certificate in Coding Technology; Alice Renee Walworth, Certificate in Coding Technology; Michelle L. Brockman, Certificate in Coding Technology.


Gary Dwight Crum, B.S. in Business; Linda M. Ewert, B.S. in Education.


Derek Lamar Crawford, A.S. in Business; Barbara Ann Crenshaw, Master of Public Affairs; Charita G. Culver, Certificate in Coding Technology; Esperanza Escalante, B.S. in Criminal Justice; Sandra Faye Falls, B.S. in Education; Jasmine R. Frazier Bachelor of General Studies; Esleen E. Fultz, Master of Business Administration; Linda Faye Hurt, Associate of Arts in General Studies; Steve Michael Krizman, A.S. in Criminal Justice; Melissa Ann Lucassen, A.S. in Respiratory Therapy; Carla M. Manuel-Harlin, Master of Public Affairs; Iona P. Mayers, Master of Public Affairs; Sean E. McNab, Master of Business Administration; Amy Beth Pena, B.S. in Computer Information Systems; Nancy Ann Piontek, B.S. in Business; Nikola Ristevski, Bachelor of General Studies; Bret Joseph Romeo, B.S. in Business; Enoel Santiago, A.S. in Business; Helen Jean Steinbeck, B.S. in Education; Preston Lamont Thomas, B.S. in Business; Patricia Ann Tomlin, Associate of Arts; Michael Sean Tomondi, B.S. in Business; Akila T. Wakefield, Master of Business Administration; Dorothy Williams White, Bachelor of General Studies; Shelita Joann Williams, A.S. in Criminal Justice; Starlene M. Williams, B.S. in Business.

Michigan City

Delaine Q. Hunter, Master of Public Affairs; Erica Suzanne Kaminski, B.S. in Business; Joshua S. Lee, B.S. in Biology; Taylor Louis Miller, Bachelor of General Studies; Chasiti Stanley, B.S. in Health Services Management.


John Stephen Huber, B.S. in Education.


Linda Lee Blaize, B.S. in Education; Krista Ann Catt, B.S. in Education; Bonnie Jean Morris, Bachelor of Arts; Courtney Ann Piekarski, Bachelor of Arts; Debra A. Pilawski, Certificate in Medical Transcription; Nancy Samardzija, B.S. in Business; Kimberly Anne Swart, A.S. in Respiratory Therapy; Sally Wardall Van Bokkelen, Certificate in Coding Technology.


Richard P. Banke, B.S. in Criminal Justice Phyllis Mc Donald Blasingame Bachelor of General Studies; Maria Corral, Certificate in Medical Transcription; Amanda Michelle Cory, Bachelor of General Studies; Yasmin Fontanez, A.S. in Criminal Justice; Christina R. Gonzalez, A.S. in Criminal Justice; Huda Hammad, Associate of Arts in General Studies; Larry I. Massey, Associate of Arts; Paul Michael Matthew Bachelor of Arts; Paul D. Mills, Bachelor of General Studies; Regiss S. Porter, Certificate in Medical Transcription; Margarita Delia Ramirez, A.S. in Criminal Justice; Colleen G. Richmond Bachelor of General Studies; Esther Rosales, Certificate in Labor Studies; Shammy Sue Schmidt, A.S. in Business; Arleen Marie Skratsky, B.S. in Education; Andrea Renee Sosa, Associate of Arts in General Studies; Edgar C. Tillery, Post-Bac Certificate in Accounting; Ricardo F. Viera, A.S. in Respiratory Therapy.


Nancy Arlene Ailes, Certificate in Public Management.


Cynthia Lynn Adams, Bachelor of Arts; Kelly Lynn Cash, B.S. in Biology; Kristine Susan Cook, B.S. in Nursing; Sharon Lynn Cornwell, B.S. in Education; Angela Mafalda Jimeniz, Bachelor of Arts; Sharon M. Lesniewski, Bachelor of General Studies; Shelley Mattes, Certificate in Coding Technology; Kelly Lynn Wilson, Associate of Arts.

Scottdale, AZ

Mark D. Close, Associate of Arts in General Studies.

St. John

Sarah Ashley Poby, B.S. in Education; Raymond Nicholas Shaw, Post-Bac Certificate in Computer Information Systems; Jason A. Skurow, B.S. in Business; Bradley Nelson Yates, B.S. in Business.


Brannon K Brockett, Associate of Arts in General Studies; Kristy Lyn Brzozkiewicz, Bachelor of Arts; Kelly Anne Casale, Certificate in Coding Technology; Kerrie A. Castor, Bachelor of General Studies; Nicholas M. Dernik, Master of Business Administration; Kimberly Ann Hominger, Master of Business Administration; Justina Lynn Janiga, Certificate in Coding Technology; Bradley Craig Johnson, B.S. in Radiologic Sciences; Sandra E. Johnson, Bachelor of General Studies; Carol Ann McConnell, Bachelor of General Studies; Ralph G. McCullers, Master of Public Affairs; Brian Neil Osan, Master of Business Administration; Dusk Gehlen Sheaks, B.S. in Criminal Justice; Amanda Crawley Sloas, Associate of Arts in General Studies; J. Ryan Taylor, B.S. in Criminal Justice; Stacey Lynn Vegter, Bachelor of General Studies.


Charlene Ann Zburka, Bachelor of General Studies.


Charles Patrick O’Brien, B.S. in Public Affairs.


Marellen Michelle Hattabaugh, A.S. in Business.


Tamara Marie Legg, B.S. in Education; Brian David Ruzich, B.S. in Nursing.

For more information, please contact the IU Northwest Office of Alumni Relations at (219) 980-6769.



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