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IU Northwest celebrates diversity through sentiments

Join Indiana University Northwest in celebrating diversity and welcoming the newly established Office of Diversity and Equity to the campus at the Diversity Landmark celebration on Tuesday, Oct. 14 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the quadrangle outside Hawthorn Hall.

Over the past month faculty, staff and students submitted their personal or borrowed sentiments exploring diversity as both a principle and prerequisite for human success in this global society. These quotes will be displayed on placards (landmarks) planted along sidewalks and near buildings throughout the campus during the week of October 13. Punch and cookies will be served at Tuesday’s celebration.

"These landmarks will be on display at the beginning of each semester to remind us of the unique purpose and vision for our institution and everyday lives," said Kenneth Coopwood, Ph.D., director of diversity and equity.

Since his arrival in August, Coopwood has worked to establish diverse practices as one of the cornerstones of excellence at IU Northwest. Through these landmarks he will learn how the campus interprets the word diversity, which will lead to the creation of a definition of diversity unique to the university.



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