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Caring attitude a factor in record enrollments for IU Northwest

Once again enrollment and credit hours taken at Indiana University Northwest displayed one of the highest percentage increases across all eight IU campuses. Enrollment increased from 4,893 a year ago to 5,097 for fall 2003-04, a 4.2 percent increase. The number of credit hours taken at Northwest, increased by 4.9 percent (45,373 to 47,612).

In the past two years enrollment at IU Northwest has increased by a total of 12 percent. This strong growth shows that the university compares favorably with the several other public institutions in northwest Indiana, according to Joseph Pellicciotti, associate vice chancellor for Enrollment Services.

Pellicciotti said there are numerous factors, including the current economy, that have led to the extremely favorable growth, but two reasons that stand out are the university’s focus on student-centered principles and career-focused academic excellence. The results from a series of focus groups conducted last spring revealed a common thread of student satisfaction with how they are treated by faculty and administration offices. In addition, the campus takes pride in its career-focused academic programs that continue to lead students into careers within northwest Indiana.

"I’ve been here for over 20 years and I know we’ve always treated our students well, but in the last several years we’ve cultivated a student-centered culture on campus," he said. "We have a caring attitude that is special here."

Enrollment figures released today (Sept. 16) show 99,164 students enrolled in 1,119,493 credit hours at IU's eight campuses. That is a 0.5 percent increase in enrollment and a 1.6 percent increase in credit hours taken over levels a year ago.

"These record enrollments are, in part, a reflection of the academic reputation of Indiana University and the quality of this institution," said IU president Adam W. Herbert. "Students have choices, and again this year more and more students are pursuing their education at Indiana University. They understand the value of an IU degree."



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