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IUN Professor Speaks Out Against the 'War' on Terrorism

"Celebrating the Chicago Moratorium: Anti-Imperialism in an Age of 'War on Terrorism,'" was the most recent topic of discussion for the eighth in a series of "Lectures in Race and Ethnicity" sponsored by the IU Northwest Department of Minority Studies. Dr. Raoul Contreras, associate professor of minority studies, led the discussion that focused on the war in Iraq.

Dr. Contreras stated that it was necessary to create a movement, such as a social demonstration, in order to make people aware of modern day imperialism. He also said that he feels our reasons for being in Afghanistan are wrong, and the results of imperialism will lead us into war with Iraq.

"These people [Iraqi and Afghani], they have no more control over their government than we do, and yet they are the ones dying," Dr. Contreras said.

Dr. Contreras argues that the most important contribution Chicanos can make to American culture is to become a "block of cultural and political opposition to the 'War on Terrorism,'" much as they were during Vietnam.

Dr. Contreras is a decorated veteran of the Vietnam War and member of the anti-war movement. He discussed the similarities between the United States' involvement in Vietnam and the present day situation in Afghanistan and Iraq. He also focused on the Chicano anti-war movement and the Chicago Moratorium, a massive and historic anti-war demonstration in the mid-1970's conducted by the Mexican-American community.

For more information concerning future lectures, or interest in the movement, please contact Dr. Raoul Contreras, at (219) 980-6665, or by email at



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Dr. Raoul Contreras
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