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Jacobs Receives New Appointment as Special Assistant to the Chancellor

Chancellor Bruce W. Bergland of IU Northwest announced the appointment of Randy Jacobs to Special Assistant to the Chancellor.

Jacobs leaves his position of Executive Dean for the School of Business and Economics having contributed significantly to IU Northwest. In his previous position of executive deanship Jacobs was directly responsible for bringing more than $130,000 to IU Northwest through a variety of externally funded projects.

“I want to thank him publicly for these contributions, and I want to express my confidence that in his new role he will be able to contribute at the same level of quality he exhibited in the executive deanship,” said Chancellor Bruce Bergland.

In his new role, Jacobs will focus on three primary activities. First, he will serve as Chancellor Bergland’s assistant and representative to business and industry as he develops IU Northwest’s environmental initiatives. In this capacity he will coordinate the university’s efforts to build collaborative initiatives with industry, business and governmental agencies.

IU Northwest is currently implementing a survey of the environmental initiatives being pursued in northwest Indiana. When the data have been collected, the university will bring together interested faculty from IU Northwest and other institutions in northwest Indiana to work with representatives of those organizations. This group will determine which research and service programs to pursue and then develop funding proposals for those projects. Jacob’s role will be as convener and facilitator of these meetings, and he will assist the Chancellor in pursuing funding.

Jacob’s next area of responsibility will focus on initiatives that the university is developing in the health professions. Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Professions, Linda Rooda, along with Vice Chancellor Marilyn Vasquez, will be developing the role the university will take in the region, and Jacobs will serve as a representative and coordinator for these efforts. He is already involved with a number of area hospitals and will aid the university in the development process leading up to the opening of the new Medical/Professional Education Building.

The third area of focus for Jacobs is to spearhead a variety of business initiatives in the University Park effort. The university is currently interacting with the city of Gary and numerous banks considering the possibility of various housing incentives and other initiatives, and Jacobs will be the person who represents the university in those discussions. He will also be involved in other external relations efforts representing the Chancellor’s Office and IU Northwest.



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