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IUN Recycling Program

On April 8, 2002, IU Northwestís Physical Plant expanded the Universityís recycling effort by placing 14-gallon plastic recycling containers in every room on campus and 90-gallon collection bins on each floor. This new program has two separate components: "paper retriever" recycling and plastic, glass and can recycling.

"This expanded program will rely on a high level of participation and involvement of the entire IU Northwest community," says Otto Jefimenko, Director of Physical Plant on campus. If we are to achieve our goals of recycling and waste reduction, we must all do our fair share."

The IUN community participation and involvement is as follows:

* Individuals are responsible for transporting and emptying the 14-gallon container into the 90-gallon collection bin

* Paper must be clean and dry

* Recycled goods should include office and school papers, newspapers, magazines, mail, and shopping catalogs

* All plastics, glass and cans should be placed in existing, marked recycling containers located in all buildings on the ground floor

For more information on IUNís recycling program, contact Otto Jefimenko at

(219) 981-4291.



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Michelle Searer
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