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Walk for Tax Reform

Joe Gomeztagle, Indiana resident and businessman single-handedly challenges the Indiana legislature to get back in session and make significant changes to tax reform and budget items.

On April 4, 2002 Joe Gomeztagle, project manager for Operation TEN (Tax Education Now) at Indiana University Northwest will kick off a 15-day walk to Indianapolis to encourage Indiana legislators to go back to session. Indiana residents face increasing closures of manufacturing businesses which culminate more layoffs as well as possible effects on education cuts due to budget shortfalls.

"It's time that we, Indiana residents and taxpayers wake up and put an end to the legislative apathy. We voted for these senators and representative to represent us. Our taxes pay their salaries and yet they choose to do nothing with the excuse that their hands are tied while watching more and more residents get laid off," said Gomeztagle. "The truth is, they choose to do nothing or will not take a stand given the upcoming election and the impact that their decisions may have on future votes. If they don't do something now, then we shouldn't vote for them in the Fall."

Gomeztagle is urging Indiana citizens to support him in his march and make their voices heard right up to the front steps of the state capital on April 19, 2002 in a second rally in Indianapolis.

The march begins at 35th and Broadway at Indiana University Northwest and will continue down Broadway to US Hwy 231 over to US Hwy 52, then on to US Hwy 421 to Indianapolis. Stops along the way include Rensselaer, Jasper, Lafayette, and Lebanon. Everyone is encouraged to walk with Joe even just part of the way or through your own hometown. Gomeztagle's intent is to talk with residents in Lake, Jasper, White, Tippecanoe, Clinton, Boone, and Marion counties. He hopes they will get the message to their legislators: Go back to Indianapolis and do what needs to be done.

Operation Ten is a coalition of universities throughout the state of Indiana that work together in an effort to educate the general public and raise awareness of economic growth, taxes and government effectiveness.



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