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Explore your innate relationship to rhythm at IU Northwest

Indiana University Northwest's Women's Studies program is hosting a unique frame drumming workshop and presentation on campus. The workshop is designed to explore our innate relationship to rhythm.

The frame drum is the oldest known musical instrument in history. Since ancient times the grain sieve and the frame drum have been thought to share a common origin. Ritual and symbolic connections between the two reach back into pre-history. Both are symbolic of the feminine fertility grain, the moon, the sun, and the primordial first body of water.

Used in ancient rites, the frame drum was the primary trance inducing instrument used in death and rebirth rites, played over seeds to quicken their ripening, and fertility. Similar to a Native American drum and the Irish Bodrhan, but coming from a completely different culture, these drums are played with the bare hands.

Frame drumming is an ancient technology for directly synchronizing the mind / body complex to access higher levels of consciousness and is

unequaled in its power to open and maintain a state of ritual awareness.

The workshop is scheduled for Tuesday, March 19 from 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. in Savannah Center, room 207 on campus, with a concert preceding the workshop through the Moraine Cafeteria.

Participants will learn the basic strokes on the tambourine, putting together intricate patterns and rhythms, and introduce the healing, rhythmic practices of the frame drum.

No musical experience is required. This event is free and open to the community. Appropriate frame drums will be provided for use in the workshop. For more information on the workshop and presentation, contact Tanice Foltz at (219) 980-6786 or



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