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New courses respond to September 11th

In a collective effort by Indiana University Northwest (IUN), faculty from various disciplines have expanded their curriculum to include topics related to the September 11th attacks.

  • Anthropology: expanding its People of the Earth: Ethnic Cultures and the

    World Community course to include the Middle East.

  • Chemistry: added a new unit entitled Chemical and Biological Weapons to its World of Chemistry course
  • Communication: Media Theory class is having an on-going discussion of the

    ways in which both the American and foreign mass media report events and

    is encouraging students to look beyond the headlines.

  • Geography: Geography of the Middle East course focuses on the analysis of population, culture, environment, and economics of the Middle East including international conflict.
  • History: offering a new course next spring called Worlds Apart: Contemporary World Conflicts.
  • Sociology: added a unit to its Deviant Behavior and Social

    Control course which covers Religious Terrorism and War.

  • SPEA: Epidemiology class next fall is being revised to include public health content and will examine the lack of support our public health system receives;
  • SPEA: added a course called Terrorism in America.
  • Women's Studies: adding a Women and Crime course next fall and expanding one of the current courses to include a segment on Women, Religious Terrorism, and the Effects of War.

"Among the Taliban it was considered a crime for women to even go into the streets by themselvesóto purchase food for their families or to seek doctorís treatment," says Tanice Foltz, Director of Women Studies at IUN. "And worse, they could be beaten or stoned for showing a wrist or not being accompanied by a man."

For more information on courses responding to 9/11, contact the Admissions Office at 980-6760.



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