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August 20, 2001
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Indiana Police Corps Offers Scholarships to IU Northwest Students

The initiative to place 100,000 more police officers on the street each year was the basis for the founding of the1999 Police Corps program that targets high school seniors.       

Local police departments are supporting the Police Corps by sponsoring graduating seniors from various local high schools in Northwest Indiana to participate in a Police Explorer program.  This exposes students to police operations and projects upon entering the Police Corps.

The Police Corps is designed to increase the number of community police with advanced training and education and place them in communities with high need.  The program offers up to $7,500 a year in federally funded scholarships to those intending on graduating with a bachelor or graduate degree.  The funds cover tuition, books, supplies, transportation and room and board.  Participants may receive up to $30,000 in the program.  

Applicants will be assessed on their ability to succeed in college, law enforcement training and ultimately as a sworn police officer.  The evaluation includes a medical examination, psychological assessment, polygraph examination, criminal history check, physical fitness assessment, background investigation, driver history check, and a written examination.  

Upon completion of a 4-year college degree, the Police Corps will enroll the participant in a16-week training program at the State Academy in Plainfield, IN.  Paid for by the federal government, this basic law enforcement training is intended to teach the knowledge, skills and attitudes essential to serve effectively on community patrol.  The training also helps develop physical and moral capabilities and teach self-discipline and loyalty.  

Following the training program, the Police Corps places the graduate in a participating police department anywhere in the state of Indiana.  The Police Corps pay $40,000 to the selected department for the three years the participant must serve upon graduation.      

Indiana University Northwest is in compliance with the Indiana Police Corps and now offers students educational assistance through this government program.  Women and men of all races and ethnic backgrounds are eligible, regardless of family income or resources. 

For additional information about the Indiana Police Corps, contact Dr. Sam Jerideau at (317) 232-1294 or  

For more information on Criminal Justice programs at IU Northwest, contact Gary Martin at (219) 980-6695 or 

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