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May 22, 2001
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Shaping Environmental Policy Certificate Program
Inspired By SCOPe Grant 

Indiana University Northwest is offering an offer a post-baccalaureate graduate certificate program in Environmental Affairs that will include course work in Environmental Law, Environmental Policy and Planning, and Public Management Economics. Recently approved by the Board of Trustees at Indiana University, the program is now being offered by the campus' School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA). 

"The 5-course, 15 credit hour program is designed to enhance understanding of environmental law, policy and economic issues as they relate to the critical environment issues that we face in Northwest Indiana," says Joseph Pellicciotti, SPEA director. He adds that the program will be particularly attractive to people employed in industry, non-profit organizations, as well as the public sector in environmentally related positions. "The program is flexible enough to adapt to the needs of pre-career or inservice persons, as well as to individuals with varying degrees of experience in environmental issues."

The certificate program was inspired by last year's environmental policy discussions between the School of Public and Environmental Affairs and elected officials, local government and small business representatives. They were made possible through the Small Communities Outreach Project for Environmental Issues (SCOPe) grant awarded to IU Northwest last year and again this year. A project of the 

National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA), the grant provides funding for informational sessions, community education and study concerning upcoming federal environmental policy and regulations for small businesses.

SPEA assistant professor, Dr. Ellen Szarleta, secured the grant from a cooperative agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Regulatory Management and Information. She implemented the first phase of the SCOPe program during the last academic year and sought the input of 16 participating Northwest Indiana communities on upcoming environmental issues and policy development.

"SCOPe bridges the gap between small business entities and federal regulators," says Szarleta. "I place a high value on a clean, livable environment, and know others do as well. Together we can help shape environmental policy and regulations"

Last year Szarleta and colleagues focused on policies and issues concerning small businesses in the region, particularly coating facilities that use paints and other related materials. This year the SCOPe project will again look at environmental values and concerns of small business communities in Northwest Indiana. Szarleta and colleagues will focus on the Lead - Bridges and Structures rule being developed by the EPA's Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxins. 

"Both the benefits of the SCOPe Project and the new certificate program relate very well to our Shared Vision," says IU Northwest Chancellor Bruce Bergland. "One of our Areas of Excellence in the Vision is Sustainable Vitality of Northwest Indiana and a healthy environment is very important to our vitality in the region."

For more information on the SCOPe project or the 5-course, 15-credit hour Certificate Program in Environmental Affairs, contact the SPEA Office at 219-980-6695 or go to the web at

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