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March 3, 2001
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UPS Partners with IU Northwest 
With Earn and Learn Program

The United Parcel Service (UPS) and Indiana University Northwest have established a partnership to offer the UPS Earn and Learn Program for students. The program offers students a part time position with UPS along with tuition assistance to help pay for college expenses including tuition, textbooks, fees and software. 

According to Jerry Phillips, UPS campus recruiter, part-time package handlers can earn $3000 a year in educational assistance, and part time supervisors can earn $4000 a year in assistance. A student loan program is also offered where students can defer paying back the principal and pay only the monthly interest as long as they remain employed by UPS. 

After a full year with UPS, the student is responsible for paying back only ½ of the first year loan amount, and after 2 years the student only pays back 25% of the principal. After 3 and 4 consecutive years with UPS, the loan is forgiven for the entire principal of the loan. Classroom speakers from UPS are also provided to the university as part of the program.

For more information on the UPS Earn and Learn Program, contact Phillips at IU Northwest at 219-980-6993. 

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