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February 28, 2001
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IU Northwest Welcomes Senegalese Author
For Women's History Month 

Senegalese author, "Ken Bugel" will speak on her history of drug abuse and prostitution, and how she brought herself out of this desperate condition, during the Women's History Month celebration at Indiana University Northwest. The event will be on March 5 at 7 p.m. in the Savannah Center Auditorium. 

Using the name Ken Bugel as a pseudonym meaning "nobody wants me," the author and noted speaker on female genital mutilation and international family planning, was born in the Ndoucoumane, in Senegal in 1948 with the birth name, Marietou Mbaye. At an early age Bugel was taken from her mother, initiating a feeling of rejection and being "unwanted" during her adolescence - which led to an early life of "debauchery." Today she has a bachelor's degree in languages and communication from the University of Dakar and obtained a grant to study in Belgium. An author of 4 books, she is also known for her work with female offenders.

Sponsored by the IU Northwest Women's Student Association, French Club and Anthropology Club, the Ken Bugel event is open to the community free of charge. For more information, contact Dr. Tanice Foltz at 219-980-6786 or at

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