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September 11,  2000
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IU Northwest Grad Presents Authentic Hip Hop 

With demonstration and performance, East Chicago music artist, RogerCavazos, will discuss the roots and origins, and the “corporate music industry'scolonization” of Hip Hop. An Indiana UniversityNorthwest graduate, Cavazo’s will present a program of music and discussion,What is Hip Hop, at the university on Thursday, Sept. 21 at 7 Raintree Hall. Hisdiscussion will include the negative impact of Hip Hop’s commercialization,as well as the social and political roots of its messages. Universityof Chicago political science professor, Dr. Melissa Harris-Lacewell,will also be on hand to speak on the politics of pop culture.

Hip Hop has roots in previous art movements, such as the Black ArtsMovement and the cultural aspects of the Chicano Movement,” says Dr. RaoulContreras, Latino studies professor and program coordinator. “The movementssaw themselves as part of the struggle for social justice and liberation.These roots in the social movement of the 1960s were what originally gaveHip Hop a well-defined social and political message.”

Complementing the discussion will be the demonstration of Hip Hop’sart forms including turntable manipulation and electric sound creation,rapping and break dancing. As Norph Productions, Cavazos, along with hispartner, Abbie Atkins will perform his own work, Electro Phunk,- a musical form emerging in the late 1960s and part of Hip Hop’s roots.Other demonstrations will be performed by a variety of artists includingSteady Serv, performer, lyricist, and independent artist, and ElectroBoogie, East Chicago youth break dancers.

What is Hip Hop, is one in a series of yearlong Diversity Programmingat Indiana University Northwest. Sponsoredby the Office of the Chancellor and the Latino Studies program, the programis open to the community free of charge. For more information contact Dr.Contreras at 219-980-6665 or at

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