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June 16,  2000
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Controversial Topics in the Classroom

TeachingControversial Topics in the Classroom will be offered as a workshopat Indiana University Northwest duringthe Summer IIsession. The graduate course, open to all teachers will be on Mondays andWednesdays from 1 to 4 p.m. beginning July 3 to August 14 

Offered by the IU Northwest Divisionof Education, the workshop is designed for practicing teachers andfocuses on developing the ability to structure a classroom atmosphere where:1) personal and social identities and strategies encourage students torespect the diversity which exist in classrooms; 2) academic freedom, freespeech, and the appropriate student conduct are the norm; 3) strategiesfor de-escalating destructive conflict when it inevitably arises in theclassroom are implemented; and 4) specific strategies for generating constructiveclassroom dialogue when controversial topics are initiated by the teacheror by the students are taught. 

“Graduate study at IU Northwest is intended to advance the academicand professional interests of practicing professionals in the field ofeducation,” says Dr.Dwight Holliday, assistant professor of education. “Or simply put,professional leadership is our goal. “

IU Northwest’s Summer II session registration is through June 23 withonsite campus registration June 28 and 29.  More information on theworkshop or on the Division of Educationis available by contacting Holliday at 219-980-6515, or at

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