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June 16,  2000
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Visit the Zoo and Earn College Credit This Summer

Field trips to a variety of zoos in the Midwest including Chicago (LincolnPark), Brookfield,Milwaukee and Cincinnatiis the focus of a Primate Zoo Observation course offered this summerat by the department of anthropologyat Indiana University Northwest. 

Facilitated by associate professor of anthropology, Dr.Bob Mucci, the course will allow interested students to observe primatebehavior and anatomy both formally and informally. Dates scheduled forthe field trips are Saturdays July 8, July 29, August 5 and Sunday, August6. There is a $50 field trip and transportation fee.

The Primate Zoo Observation class is offered during the SummerII Session at the university. Registration is through June 23 withonsite campus registration June 28 and 29. More information on the fieldtrips to the zoo or the department of anthropology is with Dr. Mucci at219-980-6607 or at is also available at the department of anthropology website.

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