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May 30, 2000
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Ralph Nader Comes to IU Northwest as Presidential Candidate

Consumer advocate, lawyer and author, RalphNader will make a stop at Indiana UniversityNorthwest while campaigning for the presidency. Noted as the “lifelongchampion of the interests of working people,” Nader will speak on campusMay 31 at 7 p.m. in the Academic Activities Building (SavannahCenter) Auditorium. 

Nader, who is making campaign stops throughout the country, will speakon issues and the GreenParty, an internationally-wide political party that advocates ten keyvalues including: social justice, community-based economics, nonviolence,decentralization, future focus/sustainability, feminism, personal and globalresponsibility, respect for diversity, grassroots democracy and ecologicalwisdom. The Green Party is represented in North America, Meso and SouthAmerica, Australia and New Zealand, Africa, Europe and Asia.

Since the late-1960’s, Nader has organized citizen activist teams thathave investigated corporate and governmental wrongdoing. From the 1970sto the present time, he has gathered evidence and alerted the public, Congress,and the media to many issues related to health, safety, economics, environmentalpollution, workers rights, and excessive corporate influence. 

Born in Winsted, Connecticut, Nader received an AB magna cum laude fromPrinceton University.He also received an LLB from HarvardUniversityand began his career as a lawyer in 1959. In his career asa consumer advocate, Nader founded many organizations including the PublicInterest Research Group (PIRG),the Center for Auto Safety, Public Citizen, Center for Women’s Policy Studies,Connecticut Citizen’s Action Group, the Disabilities Rights Center, thePension Rights Center, and the Multinational Monitor, a monthly magazine.He is author, co-author or editor of numerous books including, aUnsafeat Any Speed, Action for a Change, Whistle-Blowing: The Report on the Conferenceof Professional Responsibility, Nader’s Raiders, Old Age: the Last Segregationand Who Runs Congress? The President, Big Business or You? 

According to campaign sources, Nader’s visit to Northwest Indiana wasa personal request. During the event at IUNorthwest, Nader will not only speak on issues, but will also encouragequestions and comments from the audience. Tables for voter registration,campaign volunteer interest, and other information including Indiana ballotaccess will be available.

 “Indiana ballot access requires over 31,000 signatures for thirdparty candidates. This is four times the number of signatures requiredin 1980, when levels were raised following strong showings by John Andersonand Ross Perot,” says Kevin Robinson, a Nader for President, Green Partyrepresentative. “ In contrast, Canada requires 200 signatures, while theUK, Australia, and other western democracies require none.”  Robinsonadds that the 31,000 signatures needed for Nader to appear on the ballotis due by July 15.

More information on the Nader event is at IU Northwest at 219-980-6685or 219-980-6792. More information on Nader and the Green Party is at 

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