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May 10, 2000
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IU Northwest Business Students Beat National Average Again

Indiana University Northwest businessstudents once again scored above the national average on the Major FieldExamination, a national test of educational achievement. The results wererecently released to the university’s Divisionof Business and Economics after senior year students were tested intheir business policy class. 

According to the exam results, IU Northwest scored overall in the testingwith 157.4%, beating the national average of 154.8%. Categorical resultsinclude:

                                                                 IU Northwest               National
Accounting                                                    56.2%                        48.9%
Economics                                                     42.2%                        40.8%
Management                                                  60.8%                        52.8%
Quantitative Business Analysis                     53.5%                         49.3%
Finance                                                         38.4%                         38.6%
Marketing                                                     48.8%                         47.1%
Legal/Social Environment                            36.4%                         41.7%
International Issues                                      45.5%                         45.1%

The Educational Testing Service developed the Major Field Examinationin business. The service also develops and administers the SAT (scholasticachievement test) and other aptitude and achievement tests. Over 200 schoolsparticipated in the testing throughout the nation.

For more information contact the IU Northwest Division of Business andEconomics at 219-980-6633.

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