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April 28, 2000
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Computer-Based Mapping - One of the Hottest Tickets 
In Technology and the Job Market 

One of the skills increasingly in demand when looking at the job marketis an exciting, new area of information technology called Geographic InformationSystems (GIS). Deemed as one of the hottest new classes in informationtechnology, Indiana University Northwestwill offer GIS, also known as computer-based mapping, this summer. Computer-basedmapping allows individuals to work with geographical features when producingmaps and compiling statistics in the work setting. 

“GIS is much more efficient than the traditional way of producing mapsor compiling statistics in areas such as business, government, social serviceagencies, organizations, and education,” says Dr.Tim Fisher, IU Northwest department of geosciences

The use of computer-based mapping is on the rise with it already beingput to use in the workplace for performing marketing and demographic studies,choosing facility sites, evaluating social programs, studying social andenvironmental issues, planning delivery routes, mapping crime sites, dispatchingemergency vehicles, and managing geological, biological and environmentaldata. 

“For example, as it gives ‘real time’ information, the computer-basedmapping system makes it possible for a dispatcher to see the location ofeach police care on a screen. In one case, a bus was hijacked and the dispatcherwas able to tell police where the bus was every moment,” says Fisher.

GIS classes will be offered during both the Summer I and SummerII Sessions at IU Northwest. Geographic Information Systemswill be offered by the Divisionof Business and Economics on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:30 to 9:30p.m. during the Summer I session, from May 15 through June 30. Advanceregistration by computer is available now through May 5. Regular registrationis May 10 and May 12.

During Summer Session II, the Department of Geosciences will offer aGIS class, Computer Methods in Geography, on Mondays and Wednesdaysfrom 3 to 6 p.m., from July 3 through August 18. Advance registration bycomputer is available now through May 5, and again from May 15 throughJune 23. Regular registration for Summer Session II is scheduled for June28 and 29.

For more information on GIS, contact Dr.Fisher at 219-980-7122. More information on IU Northwest’s Summer Sessionsis at 1-888-YOUR-IUN or at the IU Northwest website at

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