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April 11, 2000
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Future Math Scholars Win Tournament

The 25th Annual Calculator Tournament saw the best and the brightestin mathematics ranging from 5th grade through 12 grades at IndianaUniversity Northwest recently. 

Sponsored by the university’s Divisionof Education and the Northwest Indiana Council of Teachers of Mathematics,students throughout the region competed in one of five categories designedto show their ability in the comprehension and solving of mathematicalproblems. Little, if any, importance was based on the speed of calculatoruse.

Top student winners from first to fifth place include:
Fifth Grade: (1st) Tim Reddick, Salk Elementary, Merrillville;(2nd) Owen Williams, (Rise) Ethel R. Jones Elementary, Portage; (3rd) JonathanGlass, MacArthur Elementary, Cedar Lake; (4th) Ryan Sullivan, Salk Elementary;and (5th) Ashish  Arshanapalli, Salk Elementary.

Sixth Grade:  (1st) Athena Frost, Harrison Elementary, Merrillville;(2nd) David Young, MacArthur Elementary; (3rd) Elaine Hall, Harrison MiddleSchool, Merrillville; (4th) Alicia Mendoza, Fegeley Middle School, Portage;and (5th) Amit Patel, Harrison Middle School.

Seventh and Eighth Grade:  (1st) Zak Lemmon, Heritage MiddleSchool, Middlebury;  (2nd tie) Randy Johnson, Pierce Middle School,Merrillville; (2nd tie) Ryan Miller, Pierce Middle School; (4th) TheodoreLiu, Wilbur Wright School, Munster; and (5th) Jerry Balta, WillowcreekMiddle School, Portage.

Ninth and Tenth Grade: (1st) Rob Morgan, Chesterton High School,Chesterton; (2nd) Tyge Sopko, Andrean High School, Merrillville; (3rd)Carl Svendsen Chesterton High School; (4th) Jonathan Jasinski, MerrillvilleHigh School, Merrillville; and (5th) Steve Krider, Northridge High School,Middlebury.

Eleventh and Twelfth Grade:  (1st) Alex Bishop, ChestertonHigh School; (2nd) Al Saunders, Andrean High School; (3rd ) Ryan Hackel,Northridge High School; (4th) Mike De Bonis, Andrean High School; and (5th)John Zaborske, Andrean High School.

First, second place and third place school team winners included: FifthGrade: (1st) Salk Elementary School, Merrillville; (2nd) Ethel R. JonesElementary, Portage; (3rd) Beiriger Elementary, Griffith. Sixth Grade:(1st) Harrison Middle School, Merrillville; (2nd) MacArthur Elementary,Cedar Lake; (3rd) Kahler Middle School, Dyer. Seventh and Eighth Grade:(1st) Heritage Middle School, Middlebury; (2nd) Willowcreek Middle School,Portage; (3rd) Harrison Middle School, Merrillville. Ninth and TenthGrade: (1st) Chesterton High School, Chesterton; (2nd) MerrillvilleHigh School, Merrillville; (3rd) Andrean High School, Merrillville. Eleventhand Twelfth Grade:  (1st) Chesterton High School, (2nd) AndreanHigh School, (3rd) Northridge High School, Middlebury.   

Following the competition, students participated in program events thatincluded “How to Solve It” sessions. An awards ceremony and lunchalso took place with the top 12 students and top school in each categoryrecognized with ribbons or trophies. 

More information on the calculator tournament is with Dr.Clyde Wiles, IU Northwest Divisionof Education, at 219-980-6519.

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