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March 21, 2000
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IU Northwest Professor Honored for Outstanding Service

At a recent annual Founder’sDay ceremony at Indiana Universityin Bloomington, Indiana University Northwestassociate professor Richard Hug was honored with the prestigious W.George Pinnell Award for Outstanding Service to his community. 

A resident of Valparaiso, Hug who is a faculty member in the Divisionof Environmental and Public Affairs (SPEA)at IU Northwest, was recognized for “guiding a multitude of efforts toimprove the quality of life” and exceptional involvement and commitmentto service.  

Among his contributions to the community is his active participationin the Community Outreach Partnership Project, comprised of a teamof IU Northwest and community representatives who address local urban problems.He is also an active board member at the Lake County Child Health Programand is a strong advocate for the lead screening of children in the county.He also plays a vital role in Healthy Start Action Alliance andwas instrumental in the establishment of the Gary Community Center.

Besides his commitment to health issues, Hug’s focus on quality of lifeextends to working on beautification projects in the area. He is a boardmember of the Glen Park Community Development Corporation, helped developthe new Gleason Park baseball field and is member of the IU Northwest BotanicalGarden Project and the IU Northwest Environmental Justice Project team.

With a dedication to public service, Hug also uses his community workto shape his classroom endeavors and teaching philosophy. He is currentlyworking with a task force on campus to expand service-learning opportunitiesto students in order to help them apply the knowledge gained in the classroom.

“One of our goals in SPEA, as well as the university in general, isto get our students to aspire to making a difference in the world,” saysHug. “By recognizing service through the Pinnell Award, Indiana Universityis sending a message that service is valued - and that is one of the waysthat IU itself attempts to make a difference in the world.” 

The W. George Pinnell Award was established in 1988 in memoryof Pinnell, former executive vice president of IU who also served as presidentof the IU Foundation and dean of the university’s Kelly School of Business.Pinnell was known for his “stewardship, leadership, initiative and service”to the university, state, and national government.

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