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December 20, 2000

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Health, Wellness, Quality of Life Issues
Offered in Diverse Spring Courses

A diverse offering of health and wellness courses that include Plantsin Health and Medicine, Medical Anthropology including the study of non-Westernmedicine and Shamanism, and a web-based Health-Related Quality of Lifecourse are available during the Spring 2001 semester at Indiana UniversityNorthwest.

Plants in Health and Medicine examines roles that plants playin human health and well-being. Offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays from4 to 5:15 p.m., the biology course will look at herbal uses, medicinalproperties and the natural history of plants used for these purposes.

Special topics of non-Western medicine, the relationship of stress tothe immune system, homeopathic systems of curing, Shamanism and witchcraftwill be covered during Medical Anthropology on Mondays and Wednesdaysat 5:30 p.m. The course will also help students understand the relationshipbetween health, culture and disease.

The total web-based course, Health Related Quality of Life, offersindividual study of classic and current literature related to quality oflife and health-related quality of life. All information is online, andthe course is under the guidance of a member of the nursing faculty. Classesfor the Spring 2001 semester run from January 6 through April 27.  

Registration for classes are January 3 and 4, with late registrationJanuary 6 through 12. IU Northwest is accredited by the North Central Associationand offers degrees and certificate programs in Allied Health, Arts andSciences, Business and Economics, Continuing Studies, Dental Education,Education, Labor Studies, Medical Education, Nursing, Public and EnvironmentalAffairs, and Social Work. Off-campus sites are located in Portage, Schererville,St. John, Lowell, Merrillville, and Crown Point.

For more information on course offerings or registration, telephone1-888-YOUR-IUN or go to the web at

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