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October 3,  2000

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Abstract “Stew” Exhibit at Contemporary Art Gallery 

Well-known Chicago artist, Judith Geichman will exhibit abstract paintingsin her show, Stew, at the IndianaUniversity Northwest Gallery for ContemporaryArt from Oct. 9 through Nov. 3. Currently a full adjunct professorat the School of the ArtInstitute in Chicago, Geichman has evolved over the past 20 years frompainting symbolic forms and places with religious undertones to very largeabstract paintings.

“The title for her exhibit is appropriate for Judith’s work. Her canvasis comparable to a chef’s soup pot adding ingredients of lines, brush strokes,paint spills, texture, paint skins, and lots of color. Judith keeps addingand adding more, but like a great chef she knows when she can no longeradd another ingredient without ruining the “Stew,” said Ann Fritz, Directorof the IU Northwest Art Galleries.

Geichman says her work is mainly done on the floor. “The painting islike a pool of water, the studio is the greater ocean. The paintings aremade through a random ordering of space with moments of chance, and calculatedmoves played out on to the picture plane. The flow of raw spillage of paint,the piling up of the accidents, crashes, moments of combustion all coalesceand settle. In time a painting is made.”

An opening reception for Geichman and the exhibition is scheduled foron Wednesday, October 11 from noon to 2 p.m. at the IUNorthwest Gallery for ContemporaryArt located in the university’s SavannahCenter. Gallery hours are Monday and Wednesday from 9am to 7pm, Tuesday,Thursday and Friday 9am – 5pm. The gallery will open on nights and weekendsby appointment. For more information contact Fritzat 219-980-6891.

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