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October 3,  2000

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Poverty and Hunger is Focus of World Food Day 

Nobel Prize recipient (Economics 1998), Professor AmartyaSen, will be the featured guest during the Seventeenth Annual WorldFood Day Teleconference on October 16. Poverty and Hunger: The TragicLink will hosted by Ray Suarez, senior correspondent with PBS’Jim Lehrer News Hour, and isbe available worldwide in English, French and Spanish. Locally, the three-hourprogram will be broadcast at Indiana UniversityNorthwest at 1 p.m. in the Library Conference Center and is open to the community. 

Aired by George Washington University,the teleconference will speak to issues concerning world hunger. A film,Land Poor - Working Together in the Battle Against Poverty, willalso be shown during the event. According to a recent study by the Foodand Agriculture Organization (FAO) ofthe United Nations, there are over 790 million undernourished people inthe developing world. The continued high population growth of poorer countries,falling rates of agricultural expansion, and other international trends,further impede the fight to assure food security for all world citizens.

“What makes widespread hunger even more of a tragedy,” says Dr. Sen,“is the way we have come to accept and tolerate it as an integral partof the modern world as if it is a tragedy that is essentially unpreventable– as in the way ancient Greek tragedies were.”  A master of TrinityCollege in Cambridge, England, Sen is also the author of numerous booksand studies on hunger, poverty and development economics.

The annual World Food Day Teleconference is sponsored by the US National Committee for World Food Day, and represents a coalition of 450 privatevoluntary organizations. The program is also supported by the U.S. Agencyfor International Development, the U.S. Information Agency, and the FAO.Over 150 countries observe World Food Day and more than 1000 sites haveparticipated in recent years. 

As a site for the teleconference, IndianaUniversity Northwest is offering Continuing Education Credits for clergy,social services professionals, registered dieticians, dietetic techniciansand home economists. World Food Day on Oct. 16 also serves as a kick-offto the campus’ Student Government Associationsponsored food drive that continues through October 31.

More information on the teleconference is with LindaAnderson, director of student life at 219-980-6793.

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