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January 10, 2000
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Math and Art Classes Just Aren’t What They Used To Be
Computer Systems Are Now The Reality

Combining math and art classes with computer information systems isnot only fun, but in reality is what companies are looking for when hiringnew employees. 

 “Just look at the want ads in Chicago papers – and nationally,”says Mike Certa, associate professor of IndianaUniversity Northwest’s department of computer information systems (CIS).“CIS jobs are everywhere. Companies want these skills.”

In response to the job market’s demand for dual skills in the areasof math and art, as well as computer skills, two interdepartmental majorsare now being offered at IU Northwest.

“We designed the interdepartmental majors to be interesting while providingthe innovation needed to meet the demands of the workforce today,” saysCerta. “Through these programs, we also wanted to meet the demands of ourstudent population in these areas - and above all, make sure it benefitsthe student.”

The interdepartmental major from the departments of mathand CIS offers a bachelor of science in simulation/modeling analysis. Theprogram appeals to students interested in math, computers, business andthe sciences, and makes them more marketable in the workplace.  Modelingand computer simulation are widely used tools in business, industry andresearch allowing individuals to test proposed alterations to existingsystems, as well as create designs for new systems. 

“You can do so much with simulation, from environmental research, tolooking at potential sales situations, to starting a new business and mappingout the work flow,” says HenryWyzinski, associate professor of the department pf mathematics. “Thisis the information age and we are limited only by imagination.” Wyzinskiadds that one of the reasons for the boom in modeling and computer simulationis that “the critical mass now has the tools to do what they couldn’t affordto do in the past.”   

Computer-generated imagery is also a hot ticket in business, industryand the arts. With a bachelor of science in computer-based graphic arts,students are prepared for today’s world of design in the workplace throughthe interdepartmental major in finearts and CIS. 

“During the last decade, computer-generated imagery has become an increasinglyinfluential facet of the visual arts,” says DaveKlamen, associate professor of fine arts and accomplished internationalartist. He adds that digitally manipulated photographs, videos and installationsare now institutionally acknowledged as mainstream mediums of artisticexpression. With almost every business and organization wanting to sella product or promote a service, appropriate and aesthetically sophisticatedweb page design is very important to show the product and service in its“best light.”

“The market is exploding,” says Klamen, “and proficiency in computergraphics and other forms of computer generated imagery offers graduatesan unprecedented level of employment in the arts.”

The interdepartmental majors in CIS and math, and CIS and fine artsare being offered through the IU Northwest Divisionof Arts and Sciences.  For more information on the programs callthe division at 219-980-6730 or 219-980-4231. More information on IU Northwestis on the web at

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