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July 28, 1999
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Indiana University Building Systems Being Readied For The Year 2000

Inventorying building systems with embedded chips and assessing them for year 2000 readiness is complete on all Indiana University campuses including Indiana University Northwest, according to Sonja Johnson, director of the IU Bureau of Facilities Programming and Utilization. Johnson is the IU year 2000 project coordinator for facilities issues.

The facilities inventory included computing hardware and software, and building systems with embedded chips such as fire alarms. Each inventory has been prioritized for date sensitivity and criticality to core functions. All high priority items have been assessed for compliance.

A critical part of analyzing IU building systems was to identify where all date-dependent systems and embedded chips were found. Embedded chips are components or microprocessors found in some computers and other electronic systems. Such chips may be in fire alarms, elevators, scientific equipment, heating and air conditioning units, telephone systems, vehicles and other equipment.

"Our campus has been focusing on three key areas of readiness for the year 2000 including building systems, embedded chips and contingency planning,” says John Black, vice chancellor of Indiana University Northwest administrative and fiscal affairs. “Currently, we are in the renovation and remediation phase - and are over 90% finished with the remediation of critical systems.”

Black, who is the Y2K contact person for the Northwest campus, also says that in many cases system functionality was not impaired by faulty date recognition, but the reporting and diagnostic functions were affected. 

“In all cases, however, we are upgrading or replacing problem equipment or software,” Black adds also stating that the next step on campus will involve testing and verification which is scheduled for completion by the end of October.

For more information about the IU year 2000 project and its challenges, contact the Indiana University Year 2000.

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