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July 28, 1999
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Chemistry For Non-Science Majors

 “We live in a world of choices and whether we realize it or not, chemistry plays a  central role in choices we make,” says Dr. Atilla Tuncay, Indiana University Northwest department of chemistry. The World of Chemistry and The World of Chemistry Lab are two new courses offered at the university intended for non-science majors.

Requiring little or no background in chemistry or math, the course is a qualitative survey of chemistry with applications to biology, environment and health. 

“The World of Chemistry will spark your interest and relate chemistry to an individuals own life while helping to build a scientific foundation on which informed decisions can be made,” says Tuncay.

The chemistry course and lab fulfills the science distribution requirement in the Division of Arts and Sciences, as well as counts toward science distributions in most other divisions at the university. The Division of Education recently approved the chemistry course and lab for the elementary education program

For more information on The World of Chemistry, The World of Chemistry Lab
or the IU Northwest department of chemistry contact Dr. Tuncay at 219-980-6745 or at

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