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March 10, 1999
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Women’s Spirituality: A Shawnee Perspective

In a world torn by violence and ecological disaster, the Native American view that all living things are interconnected is being embraced by many. In celebrating Women’s History Month, Shawnee descendent Patsy Clark will speak on Women’s Spirituality: A Native American View at the Indiana University Northwest Deer Creek Instructional Site on Tuesday, March 23 from 7 to 8:30 p.m.

While giving her perspective as a Shawnee, Clark will discuss the strong relationship that exists particularly between women, plant life, spirituality and “their kinship to the Earth Mother.”  Informal topics of discussion include physical, mental and spiritual balance; roles of women as healers, nurturers and warriors; and the medicinal/spiritual/holistic events.

Clark is an environmentalist, herbalist and artisan. She has taught classes at Indiana University-South Bend, Ball State and St. Mary’s College. Under the guidance of her grandmother, Clark was able to identify 40 edible and medicinal plants by the age of five.  Her vision of having a place that increases awareness and respect of the earth, cultural diversity and cultural skills was born in the opening of the Bittersweet Cultural Center, Inc. in Rochester, Indiana over a decade ago. In 1991 Clark received Indiana University at South Bend’s Rachel Carson Award for her environmental work. In the same year she also received the Ain’t I A Woman award from the National Organization of Women.

The program is open to the community and is sponsored by the IU Northwest Anthropology Club, Women’s Student Association and the Student Activities Fund. The IU Northwest Deer Creek instructional site is located at 1316 Eagle Ridge Drive in Schererville. More information is with Dr. Tanice Foltz in the department of sociology at 219-980-6786 or at

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