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December 21, 1999
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Class to Explore Issues Women Still Experience in the Workplace

Wage inequities, discrimination, sexual harassment and occupational segregation for women are some of the topics that will be discussed in a special one-credit hour class, Women and Work Issues, offered at Indiana University Northwest during the Spring 2000 semester.

According to Ruth Needleman, professor and coordinator of the department of labor studies, the course will “draw on the experiences of class participants in discussing the glass ceilings and bottomless pits women still face in the world of work, and explore practical down-to-earth solutions.”

The class will be on Saturday, February 19, 26, and March 4, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the IU Northwest Library Conference Center. More information on Women and Work Issues or the labor studies program is with Dr. Needleman at 219-980-6835 or at

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