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November 12, 1999
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Modern Medicine and Evolutionary Biology Attempt Integration

A medical education symposium sponsored by Indiana University School of Medicine, Northwest Center for Medical Education, will address issues concerning the integration of modern medicine and evolutionary biology.  According to Dr. Virgil Hoftiezer of the Northwest Center, the merging of the two views is controversial, but is also providing a new foundation for medicine. The theory includes insights into the broadening scope of causes of infectious disease, and long-term improvements in health that may be achieved through the evolutionary control of infectious agents.
The symposium will include lectures from four experts who are based throughout the United States.
Darwinian Medicine: The Evolutionary Basis of Health and Disease will be presented by Randolph M. Neese, MD, professor of medicine at the University of Michigan, School of Medicine and Institute for Social Science Research.

Gregory M. Cochran, Ph.D., a freelancer in physics and evolutionary epidemiology from Albuquerque, New Mexico will present, Catching On To What’s Catching: The Startling Scope of Infectious Diseases.

A third presenter, Alan Hudson, Ph.D., professor of medicine at Wayne State University, Michigan, will speak on, Chlamydia Pneumonia: From Atherosclerosis to Alzheimer’s, the Pathogen of the Decade.

The final presenter, Paul W. Ewald, Ph.D. of Amherst College, Massachusetts, will speak on The Future of Darwinian Medicine: The Transition from Understanding to Evolutionary Management.

The medical education symposium is November 20, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Indiana University Northwest’s Library Conference Center, 134 W. 35th St. For more information or to make reservations, contact the Northwest Center for Medical Education at 219-980-6563 or email at

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