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October 18, 1999

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Northwest Indiana Life in the 1970s Chronicled

Tie Dyes and Color Lines - and Steelworkers Fight Back: The Sadlowski/Balanoff Campaigns are chronicled in the two newest issues of Steel Shavings a magazine that explores the history of the Calumet Region.

The magazine is published and edited by Indiana University Northwest history professor and historian, James B. Lane. Tie Dyes and Color Lines looks at the popular culture, politics, fads and fashions, as well as relationships between the sexes and races in the Calumet Region during the 1970s. 

Co-edited by Lane and Mike Olszanski, former union leader, Steelworkers Fight Back: The Sadlowski/Balanoff Campaigns depicts the rank and file insurgency at local steel unions, also in the 1970s..

A book signing for the two new Steel Shavings issues will be from 7 to 10 p.m. on Saturday, October 23 during Seventies Night at Lake Street Gallery, 615 Lake Street in Miller Beach (Gary).

Other Steel Shavings issues in print include: Work Experiences in the Calumet Region, Sports in the Calumet Region, Vietnam Vets from the Calumet Region, The Bailly Anti-Nuclear Fight, 1930s in the Region, Steelworkers Tales, History of Portage from Indian Days to Contemporary Times, 1980s in the Calumet region, World War II Homefront in the Calumet Region, 1950s: Relationships Between the Sexes in the Calumet Region, Weasal, 1960s in the Calumet Region, Cedar Lake, Froebel Daughters of Penelope, and Tales of Lake Michigan and the Northwest Indiana Dunelands.

 For more information on Steel Shavings, the new issues, or the October 23 book signing, contact Professor Lane at 219-980-6660 or go to the web at

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