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William Odefey
Department of Mathematics and Actuarial Science


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Students enrolled in this class should have placed into (or beyond) this course on the University's mathematics placement exam, or passed MAT044 offered by Ivy Tech at IU Northwest. Demonstrated skills should include:

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There is no textbook for M7/Aleks. The course does, however, refer to Beginning and Intermediate Algebra by Lial, Hornsby, and McGinnis, the book used by the classroom version of this course. The student should not purchase this text. All instruction and testing is computer based and is accessed over the internet. The student must register online and puchase a license to access the website. The license may be purchased directly over the web with a credit card. An interactive tutorial will provide the student with complete details on how to interact with the computer. If the student is not able to register with a credit card, a package can be purchased from the bookstore which has a license number that can be used for registration. Please note this is more expensive.

Topics Covered
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