1. A random sample of bags of potato chips produced by a company has a mean weight of 15.3 ozs., which is greater than the 14.9 oz. mean weight of all bags of chips produced by the company. In this example, 14.9 is called a

2. A poll of 80 students selected at random at Midtown University found that 20 were in favor of a fee increase to support extra maintenance of the gardens on campus. In this example, what is the sample proportion?

3. Sixty five percent of the patrons of a fast-food restaurant approve of new fat-free menu items. Eighty people will be randomly selected and asked about the menu. The percent in favor of the fat-free items is the statistic of interest. What is the standard deviation of the sampling distribution of this statistic?

4. A random sample of 20 pages of a textbook was made and 60% of the pages had drawings or figures on them. Find a 95% confidence interval for the actual proportion of pages on which a drawing or figure would be found.
A.49.1 to 70.9%
B.44.5 to 75.7%
C.38.1 to 81.9%
D.29 to 91%

5. A machine that produces plastic jar lids is set to produce lids with a diameter of 9 cm. The standard deviation of the diameters, due to the production process, is 0.02 cm. A quality-control worker checks a sample of 25 lids from each production run and finds the mean diameter. One day, the mean diameter for the sample is 8.99 cm. Find a 95% confidence interval for the true mean diameter of lids produced that day.
A.8.95 to 9.03 cm
B.8.993 to 9.047 cm
C.8.982 to 8.998 cm
D.8.97 to 9.01 cm

6. A soft drink can filling machine operator knows the machine is supposed to fill cans to 12 ozs. and the standard deviation for the volume of all cans filled by the machine is 0.19 ozs. In order to determine if the cans are being under or overfilled, samples of 25 cans are drawn from each production run and the mean volume of the sample found. If the company uses 95% control limits on its process control charts, would a sample mean volume of 12.08 be out of the control limits?

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