1. A poll of 1500 voters finds that 36% are in favor of a certain candidate. In this example, 36% is a

2. A poll of 1500 people finds that 1140 are in favor of candidate Jones for governor. What is the sample proportion?

3. Twenty eight percent of the voters in a certain city favor an income tax increase to support the building of a new sports arena. Two hundred fifty people will be randomly chosen and asked about the tax increase. The percent who are in favor is the statistic of interest. What is the standard deviation of the sampling distribution of this statistic?

4. A poll of 1200 randomly selected residents in a state found that 63% favored higher taxes to support education. Find a 95% confidence interval for the proportion of the state's residents who support taxes for education.
A.62.76 to 63.24%
B.62.51 to 63.49%
C.61.6 to 64.4%
D.60.2 to 65.8%

5. The standard deviation of the weight of individual potatoes in a shipment to a packing plant is 0.35 lbs. A sample of 20 potatoes is drawn at random and the mean weight is found to be 1.4 lbs. Find a 95% confidence interval for the true mean weight of all potatoes in the shipment.
A.0.7 to 2.1 lbs.
B.1.135 to 1.665 lbs.
C.1.243 to 1.557 lbs.
D.1.322 to 1.4078 lbs.

6. A soft drink can filling machine operator knows the machine is supposed to fill cans to 12 ozs. and the standard deviation for the volume of all cans filled by the machine is 0.19 ozs. In order to determine if the cans are being under or overfilled, samples of 25 cans are drawn from each production run and the mean volume of the sample found. Find the 95% control limits that would be used on a control chart for the can filling process.
A.11.924 to 12.076 ozs.
B.11.62 to 12.38 ozs.
C.11.962 to 12.038 ozs.
D.11.83 to 12.17 ozs.

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