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 Assistant Professor
 Actuarial Science Advisor
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 Department of Mathematics and Actuarial Science

Petersen Graph



  Research Interests:

Graph Theory
Discrete Optimization
Actuarial Science Education

Peer Reviewed Jounal Papers:
1. Zhengke Miao, Xiaofeng Wang, Cun-Quan Zhang, Hamilton circuits and essential girth of claw free graphs, Graph and Combinatorics, Available online first (2015)

2. Zhengke Miao, Xiaofeng Wang, Cun-Quan Zhang, Unique Fulkerson coloring of Petersen minor-free cubic graphs, European Journal of Combinatorics, Volume 43, 165171 (2015)

3. Jessica Ann Carr, Xiaofeng Wang, Dong Ye, Packing resonant hexagons in fullerenes, Discrete Optimization, Volume 13, 4954 (2014)

4. Erling Wei, Wenliang Tang, Xiaofeng Wang, Flows in 3-edge-connected bidirected graphs, Frontiers of Mathematics in China. Volume 6, Issue 2, 339-348 (2011)

5. Rongxia Hao, Jianbing Niu, Xiaofeng Wang, Cun-Quan Zhang, Taoye Zhang, A Note on Fulkerson coloring, Discrete Math. 309, Issue 13, 4235-4240 (2009)

6. Xiaofeng Wang, Cun-Quan Zhang, Taoye Zhang, Nowhere zero 4-flow in almost Petersen-minor free graph, Discrete Math. 309, Issue 5, 1025-1032 (2009)

Undergraduate Student Thesis Advising:

Graph Theory
Regression Analysis
Time Series Analysis

Peer Reviewed Jounal Papers with Students:
1. Xiaofeng Wang, Taoye Zhang, Brandon Kimes, Dianlin Li, Supereulerian Graphs and Small Matching Number, International Journal of Mathematics and Statistics, Volume 16, Issue 2 (2015)


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