Axel Schulze-Halberg

Axel Schulze-Halberg
PhD (Mathematics), MSc (Theoretical Physics)

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Adjunct Professor of Physics

Area of specialization
Department of Mathematics and Actuarial Science
Department of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy
Hawthorn Hall 443
Indiana University Northwest
3400 Broadway
Gary, IN 46408

axgeschu "at"
xbataxel "at"

++1 219 980 6780
Mathematical Physics

Selected recent papers (click here for full publication list)
  • (with Ö. Yesiltas) Rationally extended potentials and Xm-Jacobi–type solutions of the two-dimensional massless Dirac equation,
    Eur. Phys. J. Plus 133 (2018), 26

  • (with B. Roy) Higher-order supersymmetric partners of generalized quantum nonlinear oscillators,
    Eur. Phys. J. Plus 133 (2018), 102

  • (with P. Roy) Construction of zero-energy states in graphene through the supersymmetry formalism,
    J. Phys. A 50 (2017), 365205

  • (with P. Roy) Pseudo-hermitian and PT-symmetric quantum systems with energy-dependent potentials: Bound-state solutions and energy spectra,
    Ann. Phys. 380 (2017), 78-92

Spring Semester 2018
  • Differential Equations (M343)
  • General Physics II (P202)
Axel Schulze-Halberg

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