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Marketing Services Manual

How to Complete the Project Request Form

Job Type: Select the type of project this is from the drop down menu.

Date of Request: The date you enter this request, in MM/DD/YY form (ex. 12/12/03).

Event Date: The date of the event, if applicable, that you need this project to support, in MM/DD/YY form (ex. 12/12/03).

Project Deadline: The date you need this project delivered to you, in MM/DD/YY form (ex. 12/12/03).

Project Title: The name you would give this project (ex. Bookstore Orientation Flyer).

Project Requested By: Your name.

Project Contact: The name of the person who will serve as the pointperson for this project. This is also the person who has the authority to sign off on the project and approve budget expenditures.

Contact Phone: Phone number for the project contact person.

Contact E-mail: E-mail address for the project contact person.

Department: Your deparment, division or school name.

Project Budget: The budget for this entire project, including labor costs. You will receive an estimate of the total costs of this project from Marketing Services.

Billing Account Number: The IU account number you wish to be billed for this project.

Project Description: Enter a description of this project. Include any pertinent details you feel should be taken into account. For example, if you need a flyer for freshman orientation, you could enter:
Create a flyer for freshman orientation. This flyer should focus on textbook reservations and direct the incoming students to the IU Bookstore website ( where they can place their reservation.

Primary Target Audience: Select the main audience this project is aimed at from the drop down menu.

Secondary Target Audience: Select an additional audience (if applicable) this project is aimed at from the drop down menu.

Special Creative Considerations: If you have any thoughts on creative elements for this project, enter them here. Examples include: "We'd like this on glossy paper," "Please use a different picture than previous ads," "Can we put a hologram on the cover?