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Office of Marketing and Communications

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University Advertising Policies and Procedures

All university advertising should be coordinated with the Office of Communications and Marketing (OMC). This includes all forms of paid and free advertising, including print (newspaper, magazine, etc.), broadcast (radio and television), web, billboards, direct mail, movie theatre screens and signage. No advertising commitment should be executed without consultation with the OMC. The OMC has the responsibility to ensure that consistent University design and copy standards are met.

Please click here to see examples of print advertisements and broadcast spots.

Advertising by Outside Companies
All proposed uses of the Indaina University Northwest name and/or logo in advertising by outside companies should be coordinated with the OMC. (e.g.: local business wants to use a picture of an Indaina University Northwest building and logo in an advertisement they will place in a trade journal.)

Promotional Items
Promotional items (clothing, mugs, golf balls, etc.) imprinted with the University name and/or logo must be approved by the OMC and meet Indiana University graphic standards. Please contact the OMC for assistance when planning to order promotional items.

Promotional items intended for resale should be manufactured by a vendor approved by the Indiana University Research and Technology Corporation Office of Licensing and Trademarks. IURTC is the entity that coordinates the University's relationship with manufacturers of logo merchandise. For more information, please call 317-278-1901.

Employment advertising placed by the Indiana University human resources department is exempt from this policy.

Coordination Process
The OMC is available to assist any departmental unit in developing an integrated marketing plan, as needed. Early involvement in this process can save time during execution phases such as advertising.

Proposed advertising should be submitted to the OMC with the following information:

  • Overall advertising objective (e.g.: 10% increase in enrollment in the xyz program)
  • Target audience (e.g.: high school seniors in the target geographic area)
  • Advertising plan (where and when the ad will run)
  • Other forms of advertising or promotion being utilized (open house, direct mail, etc.)
  • Desired outcome from the ad (e.g.: 75 inquiries from interested students)
  • Cost of the ad(s)

Proposed advertisements and accompanying information should be submitted to the OMC two to three weeks in advance of the planned advertising. To request the design of an advertisement, please complete the Marketing Services Request Form and be sure to include the information requested above..