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February 2003 Web News
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Favorite Web Sites: Federal and State Income Tax Information

The web sites featured this month have been critically evaluated and selected by the IU Northwest librarians as well as a group of academic and public librarians across the United States who compile a yearly Best Free Reference Web Sites List  for the American Library Association. Here is a list of selection criteria initially created by the MARS Best Free Websites Task Force to choose these sites. The Library hopes our readers will find these web sites useful for locating reliable, accurate and authoritative information on the Internet.

While your local library and post office may very well have all the forms and instructions you'll need to complete your taxes, it is also very convenient to have the federal forms and information available on the web. The IRS site contains a nice selection of formats available to aid viewing and printing of forms. Multiple files can be selected on the site which means that you can begin downloading all the files in unison instead of one-by-one. Making the site even more convenient, links are provided to state tax forms and to federal forms for previous years. To reach the Forms and Publications Home Page from the IRS' newly designed web site, click on the Site Map link and under the Resources section located in the left frame, choose the Forms and Publications link. (Revised summary used with permission of the MARS Best Free Websites Committee)

This well designed site features easy access to Illinois state tax forms for individuals and businesses in PDF (i.e. Adobe Acrobat(r)) format. Some tax forms can be filled in online and then printed out. The web page also offers electronic filing as well as resources, publications and online help for various tax questions.

This very navigable web resource provides clickable links to Indiana state tax forms, online assistance, electronic services, taxpayer resources and publications along with tax filing deadlines. The tax form section includes tax forms that can be viewed and printed in PDF format using Adobe Acrobat(r) Reader. Some of these forms can be filled in on the browser and then printed. This page also links to Indiana prior year forms, federal tax forms and other states' tax forms.

More IU Northwest Library Electronic Databases Available Off-Campus With a Virtual Private Network (VPN) Connection

Now IU Northwest students, faculty and staff can access more electronic resources like Amadeus, Market Research Monitor, PROMT (formerly F&S Predicasts) and World Marketing Forecasts through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection. An IU Northwest Network ID/E-mail username and password is REQUIRED to set up this service. For more information on how to configure your computer to use this system, go to the IU Knowlege Base or the web page Accessing Veritas from Outside the Indiana University Network. These links will provide you with various articles and step-by step instructions on how to upgrade your computer to VPN.

To determine which IU Northwest Library electronic databases and indexes are available through VPN, go to the Electronic Information Page and click on the All Databases Listed Alphabetically link. If a database listed here has a yellow key with a red IU Northwest symbol underneath it, this resource can be accessed through a VPN connection. Over time, more databases will become accessible from home when updated licensing agreements with existing and new database vendors are reached. Check the IU Northwest Library Web News and the Electronic Information Page regularly for additional databases available through this method.

, Library News Web Editor