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April 2003 Web News
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Favorite Web Sites: Humanities

The web sites featured this month have been critically evaluated and selected by the IU Northwest librarians as well as a group of academic and public librarians across the United States who compile a yearly Best Free Reference Web Sites List  for the American Library Association. Here is a list of selection criteria initially created by the MARS Best Free Websites Task Force to choose these sites. The Library hopes our readers will find these web sites useful for locating reliable, accurate and authoritative information on the Internet. is "the preeminent Internet publisher of literature, reference and verse providing students, researchers and the intellectually curious with unlimited access to books and information on the web, free of charge." Included are works like Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, the King James Bible, and Simpson's Contemporary Quotations. The site is easy to navigate and the interface is clear and clean. Users may search by keyword across the entire contents of the site or search specific subjects or works. Resources are also listed under the categories "Reference," "Verse," "Fiction," or "Nonfiction." A summary or short note about the origin of the work is given above the search bar for each resource. Reference Librarians will find this full-text site and all that it contains to be very valuable. (Summary used by permission of the MARS Best Free Websites Committee) Encyclopedia Mythica is "an encyclopedia on mythology, folklore, legends, and more." The Mythology section covers 23 different cultural mythologies ranging from Aboriginal to Roman with articles and definitions of varying length. Characters or events mentioned within one article are linked to the corresponding full-length article entry. Articles may be submitted by anyone, but there is a long list of contributing editors who verify and edit information accepted for the site. There is a 260-image gallery of mythological creatures and the genealogy tables (some of which are under construction) provide information for the major mythical families. The "Consorts and Offspring of Zeus" table is a good example of the helpful information provided in the genealogical section. A pronunciation aid is available from the "Areas" page under "Miscellanea," and the entire site is searchable. This is a great companion for readers of all levels studying mythology. (Summary used by permission of the MARS Best Free Websites Committee)
  . The Guide to Philosophy on the Internet is a comprehensive, peer-reviewed resource of collected links to scholarly works, Web sites, and texts of philosophers that are online. The site also links to other guides in English and foreign languages. The site may be navigated either by the table of contents or by the limited area search engine. A search on Heidegger, for example,  produces papers explaining his philosophy, Web sites in several languages and references to papers that mention Heidegger in context with other philosophers. The Guide is easy to navigate, and includes contact information and an FAQ.  The site is
undergoing revision, and when complete, will be maintained by the International Association for Computing and Philosophy. (Summary used by permission of the MARS Best Free Websites Committee)

The Online Journal of Knowledge Synthesis for Nursing Recently Added to the IU Northwest Library's Electronic Journal Collection

The Online Journal of Knowledge Synthesis for Nursing (OJKSN) joined the IU Northwest Library's growing list of electronic journals a few months ago. Published by Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society of Nursing, "the OJKSN is a peer-reviewed online journal dedicated to the scientific advancement of evidence-based practice (EBP) in health care." The journal provides full-text access through clickable table of contents links to articles published from 1993 to the present. The articles can also be searched by author or by complete list of titles.

To access this online nursing journal fron any IU Northwest campus or off-campus computer, go to the IU Northwest Library's Electronic Information Page and under the Library Catalogs, Electronic Journals & Other Databases heading, select Electronic Journals. At the next menu screen, click the Online Journal of Knowledge Synthesis in Nursing link.

, Library News Web Editor