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May 2001 Web News

IU Northwest Library Staff Professional Accomplishments

In January, Raquel Lopez became the new Senior Library Assistant in the Circulation/Reserves Department. She is primarily responsible for the department's Reserves operation and manages the department in the evenings and on Saturdays.

Cynthia Szymanski, Associate Librarian and Head of System Services was elected Vice Chair/Chair-Elect of the Indiana Library Federation's Middle Managers Division for 2001/2002. Her term began in April.

Felicia Young, Assistant Librarian at the Medical Education Library was recently elected President-Elect of the Indiana Health Science Librarians Association for 2001/2002, This means she will become the Association's President for 1 year beginning in April 2002.

The Technical Services Department has hired Veronica Stiles as the new Serials Unit Head. She started her new job on May 14th.

Two Online Botany Journals Now Available Through the American Society of Plant Physiologists' Web Site

The IU Northwest Library recently added two online periodicals The Plant Cell and Plant Physiology both produced by the American Society of Plant Physiologists to its growing collection of electronic journals.

Published monthly since 1989, The Plant Cell ranks first among journals publishing research in the plant sciences focusing primarily on plant cellular and molecular biology. Likewise, Plant Physiology, also published monthly and available online from 1993 to the present, is an international journal devoted to biochemistry, physiology, cellular and molecular biology, biophysics, genetics and environmental biology of plants. Published since 1926, Plant Physiology remains one of the world's most respected and oldest botany journals.

To access these journals from the American Society of Plant Physiologists' web site through IU Northwest campus computers ONLY, go to the IU Northwest Library's Electronic Information Sources Page and click on the Electronic Journals link.

  • From the next screen., select either The Plant Cell or Plant Physiology.
  • At the site's main menu, choose the specific journal you wish to search.
  • At the next screen, either journal allows the user to view future titles, select issues from the archive or search for articles by author, specific year(s) or keyword. From the main menu, there is also a link to the current issue.
  • For further instructions about accessing articles in either The Plant Cell or Plant Physiology, a Help area is provided at the bottom of the main menu.

Locate the Latest Geology Articles With GeoRef

GeoRef, an online journal index devoted to geology became available on IU Northwest campus computers in April. Produced by the Community of Science, the web version of GeoRef offers access to over 2.3 million references to books, articles, maps, theses, conference papers and reports for North American geology from 1785 to date and international geoscience topics from 1933 to the present. It contains citations to over 3,500 journals in 40 languages and is updated twice a month. According to its promotional literature, " GeoRef is the most comprehensive database of bibliographic information in the geosciences."

To search GeoRef from IU Northwest campus computers ONLY, go to the IU Northwest Library's Electronic Information Sources Page  and select the Medical and Science link under the Journal and Newspaper Indexes heading. At the next screen, click GeoRef .

  1. At the database's menu, users can locate information by using six different search options.
    •  Main Search
    •  Subject Search
    •  Advanced Search
    •  Search Specific Journals
    •  Author Index
    •  Keyword Index
  2. Depending upon which search area is selected, users can enter information specific to that category in the dialog boxes provided.
  3. If further assistance is needed, the database features an Instructions link on its main menu and every search option screen. It includes help for searching techniques, navigating search results and specific records as well as printing and downloading citations. In addition, the Instructions page contains a quick reference user guide, an alphabetical help index and a frequently asked questions link.

 Social Sciences Annual Reviews Now Accessible Through the Web

The full-text web version of Annual Reviews: Social Sciences debuted last month at the IU Northwest Library. According to its mission statement, Annual Reviews is a nonprofit organization that critically reviews the most significant primary research literature to keep scholars up-to-date with current research in a specific discipline. The Social Sciences suite focuses on recent developments in the following subjects: Anthropology, Energy and the Environment, Political Science, Psychology, Public Health and Sociology. Full-text articles for Anthropology, Energy and the Environment, Psychology and Sociology are available from 1996 to the present; Political Science from 1998 to date and Public Health back to 1997.

To access Annual Reviews: Social Sciences from IU Northwest campus computers ONLY, go to the IU Northwest Library Electronic Sources Page  and select Electronic Journals under the Library Catalogs, Electronic Journals & Other Databases heading.

  • At the next screen, there are links for each Annual Review by subject or all of them can be searched by clicking the Annual Reviews: Social Sciences link.
  • At the main menu, each subject's current volume can be searched individually by clicking the Current Volume button.
  • To locate a particular article from past issues, select the Search button.
  • The search screen for each discipline provides areas where specific volume numbers, authors and keywords can be entered. This screen also allows the user to limit searches by date as well as published and future content. For additional assistance or information about this database, contact , Library News Web Editor.

, Library News Web Editor