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March 2001 Web News

Instructions For Correctly Bookmarking the IUCAT Web Site on Your Computer

Have you bookmarked the new IUCAT online catalog on your browser and wondered why when you returned to it, you received an error message stating an activity timeout had occurred? This error message happened because IUCAT uses cgi scripting for each connection. This means that when someone bookmarks the IUCAT web site, the bookmark reads the cgi scripting and adds this to the URL address. Essentially, bookmarking IUCAT really bookmarks a particular session with the system. Therefore, each time you go back to the bookmark, the browser is trying to re-establish the previous session.

Here are instructions to correct this problem in Internet Explorer and Netscape.

Internet Explorer:

  1.  Go to Favorites.
  2.  Click on Organize Favorites.
  3.  Locate the item for WebCat: Indiana University Libraries.
  4.  Highlight that item by right clicking ONCE.
  5.  This will open a window with several options. Go to the bottom and choose Properties.
  6.  Then a box will open. This box has two tabs at the top.
  7.  Go to the Web Document tab.
  8.  In the box which says URL, there will be an address for IUCAT.
  9.  Remove all information after edu. The only address in the box should be: .Click OK.
  10.  Click Close to exit the Organize Favorites box.
  1.  Go to Bookmarks.
  2.  Click Edit Bookmarks.
  3.  Locate the link for WebCat: Indiana University Libraries and highlight it.
  4.  Right click on the highlighted link. Then choose Bookmark Properties. This opens a box with a URL (web address) in it.
  5.  Edit the URL by removing all information after the edu. The only address that should remain in the box is :
  6.  Click OK.
  7.  Exit the Bookmarks box by clicking the X in the upper right corner.

Evaluate the Library Web News on Its Third Anniversary

This month, the IU Northwest Library Web News celebrates its third birthday, In honor of this event, the Library staff invites readers to take a few minutes and tell us what they think by filling out an evaluation form. Just go to the IU Northwest Library News Site Index  and click Evaluate the Library News. We look forward to your comments. Note: Data obtained from this survey will be used for statistical and research purposes ONLY. Any names or e-mail addresses received with the evaluation form will be kept strictly confidential and will not be publicized.  

Calumet Regional Archives Photo Exhibit Highlights the Black Experience in Gary

The Black Experience in Gary: A Photo History presented by the Calumet Regional Archives and the Community Education Cooperative is currently on display at the IU Northwest Library inside the Library Café area. It will run through March 31st.

This exhibit features the early laborers who came from Illinois and the American South to build the city of steel, the many common people and champions of sport, civil rights and social service who gave life to the city as well as Lorraine Duncan, the first African-American born in Gary. The pictures chosen from the Calumet Regional Archives' photo collections for this exhibit offer rare snapshots of the people, places and events that contributed to Gary's ethnic mosaic.

, Library News Web Editor