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April 2001 Web News

Celebrate National Library Week @your library(TM) April 1-7

During National Library Week, April 1-7, the American Library Association will launch the Campaign for America's Libraries. This five year plan will actively publicize the value of librarians and all types of libraries in the 21st century.

According to an American Library Association brochure, the campaign hopes to achieve the following goals:

  •  "Increase awareness and support for libraries by increasing the visibility of libraries in a positive context and by communicating clearly and strongly why libraries are both unique and valuable;
  • Update the image of libraries and librarians for the 21st century; sustaining and strengthening their relevance;
  • Bring renewed energy to the promotion of libraries and librarians;
  • Increase library usage- at school, on college and university campuses, at work and in daily life;
  • Increase funding for libraries;
  • Bring librarians to the table at public policy discussions on key issues: intellectual freedom, equity of access and narrowing the digital divide...
  • Positively impact recruitment efforts for the profession."

Most importantly, through mini campaigns at the grassroots level, this campaign will focus on the following key messages:

  • Libraries are changing and dynamic places where techno-savvy librarians can educate people on how to find answers in an information-rich environment.
  • Libraries are places of opportunity by offering access to information, self-help and education regardless of income.
  • Libraries bring you the world through print and online access to information. Personal assistance by librarians makes them the ultimate search engine.

The campaign's centerpiece for promoting these ideas is the trademarked brand: @your library(TM). During the next five years, campaign planners hope that this logo will become an ubiquitous symbol of excellence at every level in all types of libraries. Watch for upcoming IU Northwest Library events, activities, services and resources that will feature the @your library(TM) logo.

For further information, visit the official @your library(TM) web site at

Biological and Agricultural Index Now Available as a SilverPlatter Database

Biological and Agricultural Index formerly available in CD-ROM format is now accessible as a SilverPlatter online database. This web resource indexes over 290 major international English language journals in the biological and agricultural sciences dating back to 1983. Updated monthly, this database features book review references, journal articles and supplements along with chapters in annual reviews. Subjects covered in this index include: biochemistry, biology, botany, ecology, soil science, microbiology, biotechnology and zoology. Biological and Agricultural Index's online version uses the same search interface as PsycInfo, another SilverPlatter product.

To access this database from IU Northwest campus computers ONLY, go to This index can also be used from designated IU Northwest Library online catalog workstations by choosing Biological and Agricultural Index from the Journal Resources pull-down menu and clicking Go.

  • Once connected to the database, check the specific year(s) you wish to search. Then click the Open Selected Databases button.
  • The database's main search page allows you to perform a basic keyword search by simply typing terms into the Find dialog box. More specific searches can be done by selecting the Index button.
  • For more extensive information about how to search Biological and Agricultural Index, consult the Help section or the general WebSpirs tutorial offered by the database.

The IU Northwest Library Adds Biography and Genealogy Master  Index to Its GaleNet Database Subscription

The IU Northwest Library now offers Biography and Genealogy Master Index as part of its GaleNet database subscription plan. Biography and Genealogy Master Index (BGMI) provides access to over 13 million biographical sketches from more than 2700 volumes and editions of retrospective and current reference sources which describe both historical and contemporary figures from around the globe. Reference sources indexed in BGMI include:

  •  Biographical dictionaries and Who's Who directories
  •  Volumes of literary criticism
  •  Subject Encyclopedias
  •  Specific Subject Indexes

The online index which is updated twice a year contains only citations to reference books which feature multiple biographies. It excludes biographical monographs written about a particular person and periodical articles.

To search this index from IU Northwest campus computers ONLY, go to and choose Biography and Genealogy Master Index from the main menu. Note: This index can also be accessed from designated IU Northwest Library online catalog workstations by selecting Biography and Genealogy Master Index from the Other Resources pull-down menu and clicking Go.

At the next screen, users can choose three search options:

  •  Search by Name or Any Word in Name
  •  Extended Search Mode
  •  Expert Search Mode

For instructional purposes, this article will focus on the first search option. To Search by Name:

  1.  Click the Search by Name or Any Word in Name link. At the next screen, the complete name, last or first name and prefix/suffix (e.g. Dr, Jr) can be entered in the boxes provided. After specific search criteria have been entered, click Search.
  2. The next screen will indicate how many names were found as well as how many search results per name.
  3.  To view results, click on the desired name.
  4.   The next screen lists the specific references in alphabetical order which contain specific biographical information on that person. (For a complete list of sources indexed in this resource, select Extended Search from the main search screen and then click on the link located below the Source Title box.)
  5.  Biography and Genealogy Master Index also provides a Help link at the top of every page if users have questions/problems using it. For additional information about searching or accessing this online index, contact , Library News Web Editor.